Natti Natasha Sexy

Natti Natasha Surprises With Sensual Dance One Month After Giving Birth

nattinatasha: “Sexy MaMA #LasNenas #Rampampam Breaking up and I’m about to @raphypina ❤♥ #36 #teampinatti”.

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The recent musical release of Natti Natasha has already exceeded 26 million visits and the singer wanted to celebrate it with a video on her.

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Natti Natasha is one of the most active Latin stars on social media.

In the last few hours, Natti Natasha posted a video dancing to her new hit on a luxurious yacht showing off her incredible curves. During the.

Natti Natasha’s sexy and tiny bikini exposed her cesarean section scar – The NY Journal – The State

Natti Natasha took a sexy photo and did not notice a detail. hs. The singer posed sensually and more unintentionally.

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The singer is one of the most sensual in music