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10 Types Of Eye Makeup For Every Occasion

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Finding the perfect balance to not overshadow your natural beauty while still highlighting them takes some practice. In this note we will guide you to.

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For example, to make a more natural eye makeup Photo: Paula Usero, at the Goya made up by Natalia Belda for Dior. .

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How to do a natural eye makeup. We do not always want to spend a lot of time making up our eyes, on many occasions for the.

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These tips are the basis for having a truly natural look. Step-by-step natural makeup Follow all these steps to create a natural makeup and learn some tricks to achieve a perfect image in a short time. Make-up base and how to choose the right one for your skin Once your skin has gone through daily care by deep cleansing and applying your specific cream depending on your skin type, the first step to impeccable make-up is to find the make-up base that suits you best. best suits your specific needs.

It captures the light through its pearlescent particles and to see it provides hydration. A natural day makeup is achieved with soft tones. On a day-to-day basis, the perfect make-up should be soft without excesses. In reality, people must think that you do not wear makeup, your appearance must be that of skin that presents a natural beauty.

It is about giving a light touch of healthy color. You have to apply it in strategic areas, such as the cheekbone, the wings of the nose, the chin, under the arch of the eyebrow and in the tear duct. Eyeshadow For natural eye makeup, use vanilla or beige shades to gently illuminate your lids.

These eyeshadow palettes can be applied to both brown eyes, green eyes or blue eyes. Long eyelashes Shape and color should never be lacking in your eyelashes. Avoid the bottom of your lashes or apply a light touch almost imperceptible.