Natural Nails 2022

Nail Design – Trend 2022 With Styles For Any Occasion

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acrylic nails Simple and natural acrylic nails And if you want to wear totally natural nails, without acrylic, here we leave you a.

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Simple manicures prevail over the craziest designs that have been dripping incessantly during The trend: nails.

Nail design – Trend with styles for any occasion

Natural Acrylic Nail Designs – Simple And Decorated Acrylic Nails Step By Step Nails Com. A model of nails are the.

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There are so many styles and arts that the difficult thing is that you can decide. Nail design trends for him come with a touch of joy but also with a lot of elegance. Think bold, beautiful hot pink, orange or fuchsia colors. Deep black and brown tones with an opaque finish look undeniably beautiful and striking on all skin tones, especially if finished with a high gloss finish. Of course these colors are sometimes not for everyone.

A low-maintenance, elegant and effortless manicure. Fortunately, this type of manicure can be used by anyone, regardless of the length of the nails. The Japanese manicure consists of several steps for a complete detoxification of the nails. Start by buffing your nails to increase circulation.

Let’s remember that the nails should develop a nice pink tone, almost similar to a blush. Without a doubt, the end result is beautiful natural and healthy nails. Color and art The aquamarine color, like mint, is a tone that adapts to different skin tones.

That’s why aquamarine is perfect. The Shattered Manicure This design replicates the aesthetic effect of freshly broken glass shards, using finely cut pieces of aluminum foil to mimic shattered glass. The style is a bit reminiscent of the mirror effect, but to achieve this manicure, cut the pieces of paper in different sizes and shapes.

Paint your nails with a base and then with the color you prefer. Then with the help of a brush, apply nail glue where you will place the pieces of paper. It does not matter that the nails do not have the same pattern, it is much better if they are uneven. Preferably do one nail at a time so you can make sure the glue doesn’t dry before all the paper pieces are in place. Once you are done placing the pieces of paper on all of your nails, apply a thin layer of top coat polish.

With its tips reminiscent of a new lipstick. You might think that this design is only limited to long nails. But there are actually several ways to use this design. Bold geometric designs There is no doubt that the bold geometric designs are simple and but also very striking.

They don’t overwhelm you, but they actually stand out. Some of these geometric designs do so by leaving room at the bottom for a natural nail color. You can paint your nails black or red, and then the tips are done in the opposite color. Brilliant French design Of course, for a professional manicurist there is no problem in making an excellent outline on your nails. But if you’re at home and want to do it yourself and it doesn’t turn out the way you’d like, there are ways to hide blemishes without starting from scratch.

Lace nail design This type of design seems complicated at first glance, but in reality it is not if you want to do it yourself. After applying the base on your nails, you just have to wrap the piece of lace around the nail and rub the nail polish with a makeup sponge.

See it’s actually very simple. Nails with fine and colorful stripes This design is simple and spectacular. You can wear different colors so you can combine them with your wardrobe. If you want to recreate this art yourself at home, you can use a fan-shaped brush. In the same way you must apply your base and the background color you want. Once the base color has dried, dip the tips of the fan brush bristles into a different color than the one you used as the base color and brush across the nail horizontally.

Then you wait for it to dry completely so you can continue the process with any other color you want. After applying your base and color let it dry completely. Then wrap the net tightly over your nail and use a makeup sponge to apply your second color over the net.

Well, for you to get this look on your nails, apply your white nail polish base first and two coats of top coat, which is very important not to forget. Once your nails are dry, apply a small dot of polish. Then dip a brush in nail polish remover and spread that dot around the nail. You can add as many colors as you like, and finish with a top coat to seal.

Nails with marbling effect This is a design that looks great, it is simple but very elegant. To recreate this effect you just have to drop your nail polish in a cup with water at room temperature. Alternate drops between colors so you can create rings in the water.

Then use a toothpick to create the design you want in the water, then dip your nails which should already be painted white. Once they’ve dried, apply a top coat and you’re good to go. Just cut out small pieces of newspaper for each nail.

Paint your nails with a light colored nail polish. Preferably apply two coats and then let them dry. Now pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol into a small jar. Dip the small paper cutouts in the alcohol and press on each nail for 30 seconds each so the text sticks.

Then very carefully and very slowly, peel the paper off your nails. Multicolored manicures This manicure is for those who want to make a bold statement. This design has potentially almost endless ways to give yourself a multicolored manicure. Try to keep all your polishes in the same color family to create an ombré effect from light to dark.

Use a color palette to choose complementary shades. Creating abstract art is very subjective for those who appreciate it. You can use any color palette, and you can also make it as complicated or as simple as you like. In the same way you can make brush strokes with one or two colors, or make layered designs with many colors.

To create the shape, file the edges to the center, then file the ends. Then apply it to a piece of paper before your nails to remove excess polish. Then apply it on each nail like a stamp.