Neapolitan Flan Without Cheese

flan of condensed milk

If we want to try a delicious and pleasing flan for the spirit, without a doubt, this is it. evaporated milk, cream cheese and vanilla.

This is the classic flan that we have all made at some point, I usually make one with condensed milk and cheese, but I haven’t made it for a long time.

A dessert that dazzles those with a sweet tooth: caramel, melting texture of condensed milk, cream cheese and the aroma of vanilla.

We will teach you how to make Neapolitan Flan so you can enjoy it and know it is necessary to put the cheese on it, or it can be done without cheese.

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The coffee is only to remove the choquiaque from the egg. It can be made without cheese, but it is less consistent but just as rich.

Marjorie Sousa

Provenance Dictionary

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mexican Gastronomy Popular dessert that is consumed in different countries with many local variants. According to the Larousse gastronomique, the European custard is a kind of salty or sweet cake, bathed in a liquid that can be a fruit sauce or an egg cream, and fruit, raisins, poultry or shellfish offal can be added.

It can be served as a starter if it is savory, or as a dessert if it is sweet. Flans have been known and enjoyed since medieval times, although they have had variations through the centuries. They came to Mexico from Spain. In Mexico there is a great diversity of flans. Photo: Dessert, flan. This variety is also known as baked flan. Among the many desserts offered, the emperor unhesitatingly chose a flan that has since been called the imperial flan.

It is a dessert very similar to a Neapolitan flan with ground almonds. Throughout the state of Puebla, the typical vanilla flan is used, with a notable conventual heritage. Almond cheese or Neapolitan cheese is used in Oaxaca; it is a flan with ground almonds.