New Dates Of The Zodiac Signs

NASA Alters Zodiac Signs And Revolutionizes The Whole World

You are the first zodiac sign and this new year will be full of many firsts for you, Aries. Take advantage of everything you can this next.

In the following note you will know all the dates to which you owe Horoscope What does the new year prepare for each zodiac sign?

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The new trend that is in vogue is to choose your. Getting the ideal job is one of the SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC, DATE OF BIRTH.

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Consult the horoscope of all the signs of the zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo Discover the characteristics, dates and compatibilities.

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However, updating the position of the constellations means that your zodiac sign may have changed to a new one. This happens.

There’s a new sign!

A group of scientific experts from the Planetarium Society University analyzed the world of the stars and realized that the study that was done centuries ago to create the horoscope has no place today, since the universe, in constant movement and growth, has completely disrupted the list of zodiac signs as we know it today.

NASA has been in charge of confirming this theory and has changed the horoscope that until now we had by the way. Astrologer Henry Francis assures that this new sign occupies a large part of the space that would previously correspond to Sagittarius. Its symbol is a snake and it reflects the personality of dreamers and adventurers, capable of risking life in search of personal fulfillment. In parentheses we include the dates that correspond to the current horoscope.

Capricorn: from January 20 to February 16 before December 23 to January 21. Aquarius: from February 16 to March 11 before January 22 to February 20. Pisces: from March 11 to April 18 before February 21 to March 19. Aries: from April 18 to May 13 before March 20 to April 20. Taurus: from May 13 to June 21 before April 21 to May 21. Gemini: from June 21 to July 20 before May 22 to June 22.

Virgo: from September 16 to October 30 before August 23 to September 22. Libra: from October 30 to November 23 before September 23 to October 22. Scorpio: November 23 to November 29 before October 23 to November 22. Ophiuchus: from November 29 to December 17 before not included in the Zodiac. Sagittarius: from December 17 to January 20 before November 23 to December 22.