New Moon Rituals

NEW MOON Ritual To Connect With Creative Energy

ritual-of-the-new-moon-to-start-projects-with- The New Moon marks the beginning of the lunar cycles. Hence, it has a special impact.

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If you want to take advantage of the next ones, we tell you some rituals that you can do. [Photo: Pixabay]. when is the new moon. The New Moons of are.

The new moon is a lunar phase also known as new moon or intermoon, which occurs when the Moon is located between the Earth.

For this reason, throughout this week, in which, according to the lunar calendar, the cycle of the new moon is ruling, lovers of the new moon will be able to.

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new moon ritual. This lunar cycle is ideal for beginnings and thus attract abundance and prosperity into your life. Here we tell you how!

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The new Moon marks the beginning of the lunar cycle, and it is in this phase of the moon where you have the opportunity to start new plans, develop projects or start from scratch. The new moon speaks of creative energy, of sowing and visualizing dreams, yes, for these dreams to materialize, your commitment is necessary. It is also related to the times of sowing and harvesting food, with fertility and the hormonal cycles of the organism.

In these hormonal changes not only women are affected, as one might think. There is also a lack of creativity and the desire to socialize. However, the new moon is a perfect phase to meditate and be alone with you. Why are rituals performed on the days of the New Moon? During the "novilunio", or new moon, rituals related to intentions and desires are invited to perform.

Something like a list of resolutions that you want to put as a guide from now on. If on the full moon you cleaned and "prepared the land" to sow, on the new moon it is time to put in the ground the seeds that you want to come true. Take a moment to connect with yourself, listen to your emotions and create a personal ritual that allows you to connect with creative energy.

A ritual that you can do in New Moon As we have said before, the new moon is the period of visualizing projects and starting plans, so a good new moon ritual is related to visualizing and defining new guidelines for yourself. Allow the energy of these days to help you take the first step. New moon meditation A new moon ritual that you can do is to leave a few minutes to meditate and connect with your breath. Write down all those longings, no matter how weird they may seem.

Observe what you feel when you read them and, with full awareness, review them and put your intention in them. Give thanks and celebrate When you finish your meditation and write your list of intentions, also think about what you feel gratitude for. Celebrate a small personal ritual that makes you connect with your cyclical nature.