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With This Photo Nina Dobrev Shows That She Still Loves Ian Somerhalder

Nina started dating Derek Hough in after her affair with Ian. Although the two practically seemed destined to be, the couple parted ways not long.

Three weeks after the breakup of Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev was announced, some speculations have already begun to appear to explain.

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev one of the most epic couples on television, but they also had their own romance after.

This is Shaun White, the new love of Nina Dobrev (‘Vampire Chronicles’). The ‘Vampire Diaries’ actress has been seen walking around Malibu.

With this photo Nina Dobrev shows that she still loves Ian Somerhalder | you online

During an interview with the main actress of the series The Vampire Diaries, Nina Dobrev, has revealed the couple that she would have.

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The End of the Novel by Jena Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev.

High relations: Nina Dobrev forgave her friend who hit her boyfriend Nina Dobrev and Yen Somerhalder broke the official confirmation. The headlines of all major publications were full of news that Nina and Yen were no longer together, but none of the journalists could find out the real reasons for the separation of the stars of the series about vampires.

A three year love story. Over time, under pressure from journalists, 22-year-old Nina and 32-year-old Yen still had to admit that there was a love relationship between them. It all started with a friendship, but Nina could not resist the handsome goth, although for a long time she denied that there could be anything between her and Ian. It is not so much that he did not like the partner in the series, but that the beauty was against the novels on the set.

The girl thought only of a career in the cinema and did not want to be affected by personal experiences. However, these beliefs did not prevent him from falling in love with a colleague. The romance of the actors developed quite quickly and was often discussed in the press. Cute pictures of lovers also appeared on social media, people close to the couple claimed that Nina and Yen were a perfect couple and that they wanted to spend all their time together.

Yet soon, alas, the romance was over. The End of the Novel by Jena Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev. As it turned out, the actors really broke up, but they promised each other that they would remain friends. Officially, the reason was that Dobrev wanted to act in other films, and the busy photography schedule did not allow him to do so.

However, outsiders received information that the former lovers simply could not work together, and therefore Nina decided to temporarily stop participating in the shooting of the series "The Vampire Diaries". The fact is that after some time, Yen began to hint to his beloved that he would like to create a real family with her.

When Somerhalder gained momentum and decided to give his lover a wedding ring and an offer to marry, Dobrev refused, and this ultimately destroyed their relationship. It was the girl’s lack of preparation for marriage that ultimately destroyed the couple’s relationship. The reason why Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev broke up also confirms that the actor married Nikki Reed a year after the start of the relationship, in Already in the summer a couple was born for a couple.

The fact that Ian insisted on having a son confirms that he really wanted to be a father, and subsequently his dream came true. Whatever it is, but today ex-lovers communicate and even spend time with his wife Jena Nikki. Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder’s relationship is most likely in the past, but this couple’s love story deserves attention.

From screen to life. Nina Dobrev’s career as an actress began with the filming of the television series "The Vampire Diaries". In order to finally get the main role in this project, the girl had to be trained in a Canadian acting school. At a young age, she did gymnastics professionally, but then decided to try herself as a model.

The directors noticed the pretty girl, but all the castings to which she was invited ended in a fiasco. But Nina stubbornly went to the goal, and won! Ian Somerhalder, who took his first steps in the cinema at the age of seventeen, did not have enough stars in the sky before filming the television series "lost". Those paintings, where he was assigned the role of not even the second plan, came out without scenes in which he acted. But the role of the villainous Damon in The Vampire Diaries has become a real breakthrough in his career.

Damon Salvatore, played excellent! In the story of their love was the heroine of Nina Dobrev. The twenty-year-old girl could not remain indifferent to her colleague. Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder looked so happy it seemed like the wedding was just around the corner. Parting pain When it became known that Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev had separated, many became interested in the cause of the incident.

Soon, Yen was seen with her friend Nina Nikki Reed, so we can assume that it was she who caused the separation of the pair of stars. Despite a mental injury, Nina continued to film in the television series "The Vampire Diaries", but refused to act in the seventh part of the telescope. It remains to hope that the American actor will help Nina Dobrev find. Bright and beautiful couples are always of greatest interest. Around the experience there is some admiration and some envy.

Enjoy intimate details, create arguments and assumptions about your relationship. And if this couple is stellar, they can not avoid excessive attention. This is not Aunt Masha and Uncle Sasha from a neighboring apartment. Ella Nikolina Dobreva, originally from Bulgaria, artist, model, in the past, gymnast.

Then he entered a sociologist, but he dropped out because of the fact of shooting a movie. A beautiful girl became aware of many model agencies and directors. But she only got minor roles in movies. This continued until Nina passed the casting for the main role in the television series "The Vampire Diaries".

Her characters, Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce, brought fame to girls and various awards. But in other films, she is invited only to minor roles. Helen became a bone of contention between the two vampire brothers. The role of one of them, Damon Salvatore, was played by Ian Somerhalder.

who got the "true" Elena. The American Actor, who received fame through the television series "lost" Y "The Vampire Diaries". His ascent to the star Olympus begins at the age of seventeen. Scenes with his participation are cut. The viewer first saw the actor only in the film "Now or never". After Somerhalder’s debut he actively retired in TV shows and movies. A breakthrough for the actor has become a role in the "diaries".

For his work on the film, Yen won an award in the category "Villain in the series". Love story Yen and Nina hid their relationship for a long time. For about a year they managed to throw journalists out by the nose. There are no official statements, intimate details and compromising photos.

Nothing. When the couple opened up to the world, no one was particularly surprised. In people’s minds, this pairing has already taken place. on the screens. The yen is older than Nina by ten years. His track record already included victories over famous beauties. For Nina, this relationship was the first. At least, before the girl’s communication was not discussed. The young people attended all the events together. They rested together too.

But there was a gap. About him, the actors reported in May But they say that the parting happened earlier. Some fans still don’t believe in a sad event. The good reasons were not named. Even omniscient gossips find it difficult to give an answer. There are many versions, which is why Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber broke up.

Also a pretty and bright couple. Parting Yen and Nina covered in darkness. Nina was even seen wearing a wedding ring. Whatever it was, but the gap occurred. His girlfriend started to object. Which led to a break. If the actors after the break could be shot together. So they are professionals. Nina is unlikely to be jealous of the scenic image of her beloved. Although, who knows Blood, and do not feel on an animal diet.

As often happens in popular projects, sooner or later the actors begin to attribute office romances on the set. From friendship to love. Miss Dobrev and Mr. Ask the actors to play live, but this time they didn’t have to make anything up. The final verdict was "in love" when it was published. True, even after the appearance of the photo in the press, to say with confidence, but love was impossible. All that was possible to capture the photographers: a soft kiss on the cheek, presented by Yen to his colleague on the set.