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12 Incredible Uses For Nivea Cream In A Blue Can

After hair removal, it can be ideal for relieving skin irritation and recovering it from its ravages. Also after sunbathing it helps you to.

You knew that the “Nivea” cream in a blue bottle was good, but they never told you this: · Hair pomade. Eliminate foot cracks. extra tip.

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The German Nivea cream helps to retain moisture in your skin, so that it does not feel dry and even stiff and prevent wrinkles from appearing.

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Nivea facial cream is used for its moisturizing, repairing properties.

12 alternative uses that you can give to Nivea cream

sea ​​- Benefits of Nivea cream Nivea cream for face and skin Nivea cream contains vitamin E, which acts as an antioxidant for the skin.

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In fact, my first jewelry box, where I kept my communion ring and a silver bracelet, was a blue Nivea tin. In my teens I switched to Nivea Soft. Now I always have one of each. As a curious fact that you may not know, I will tell you that every day they are pressed, that is, millions of cans a year, filled with And it does not surprise me, because even the astronauts took it to space in the year on board a space shuttle.

And of course, they don’t plan to change. And in case you have never considered what the word Nivea means, I will tell you. It’s an all terrain. it’s good for everything. It can be used by children, men and women, regardless of their age. It’s like having a bag full of bags in the sink, something that everyone has.

Believe it or not, it also has its detractors. But hey, it is true that there are people who do not use it due to its ingredients. We are going to see this in a moment because it is true that they are not very good. Devoting myself to what I do, I am forced to try a lot of everything and I cannot repeat everything that I love as often as I would like. But I have to be honest and admit that when I have the best skin, it is when I try to rest from the blog and consumerism and I go on vacation with my Nivea in hand.

Now in the age of 2. But in spite of everything, it is difficult to separate from her. But there are specific moments in which I have slept badly, or little, and obviously they appear. I apply Nivea cream for dark circles with a gentle massage before I go to sleep that night. If you have problems with very marked dark circles, try doing it every night. I know because I know some girls who don’t use anything else and it works perfectly for them.

Obviously, a good eye cream focused on the problem is going to be a better solution, but if you don’t have one, this cream can help you. When you wake up use cold water and cucumber to have the perfect anti-dark circle tandem. Do it every night just before going to bed.

In the morning follow your usual routine. And although I used many creams, I always ended up turning to Nivea. And hey, something helped her because she never had wrinkles. Not even that barcode that many women, over the years, have on their upper lip. Of course, it is a very moisturizing and very creamy cream, so it is recommended only for dry skin.

If so, with Nivea face cream you will have the necessary hydration. Whatever skin you have, when you notice it is very dry due to cold or even heat, you can apply it as a face mask. Let it act for a few minutes and then remove it. This is how I usually use it when, for different reasons, I notice that my skin asks for extra hydration, or it feels dry.

The result is spectacular. Extra soft and well hydrated skin. As I was saying, my mother, for example, used it for years and years and never had wrinkles. I am free of them at the moment, and I cannot say that this is because I regularly use Nivea, but all the women I know who use it look very good.

Sometimes small red dots in the depilated area, caused by irritation of the same. Nivea cream is one of the few products that avoids this trance. Especially if you have sensitive skin like a servant. Remember that it takes a long time to absorb, so it is better if you use it at night.

Apply to elbows and knees, and to bed. I am very lazy when it comes to hand creams, I have to admit, and that leads me to the fact that sometimes they are excessively dry. The same is because I have used blue Nivea very frequently in my body.

But I know that Nivea cream prevents stretch marks during pregnancy. And if you don’t believe it, ask any girl who has been a mommy recently and has used it. The truth is that it works, and I suppose it is due to that deep hydration that it provides. I use it for prevention since I have read in many blogs, related to fitness, that it prevents stretch marks that can appear if you work with weights in the gym.

And so far it seems to work. After 6 years doing sports, every day, I don’t have any. But for trying it does not stay. Remember that you must protect yourself well from the sun yes or yes, that which goes ahead. You will notice a great relief and the skin will regenerate much sooner. I’ve done it once when I’ve burned myself, my back, especially, and puff, in 2 days like new. It is very healing and will work phenomenally.

And the truth is that I have been pleasantly satisfied with the result. Of course, the process is a bit stressful because it is very difficult to remove the Nivea from the hair, but seeing the result, it is worth it. Well, take a little Nivea cream and apply from the middle to the ends. No problem, before going to sleep put a little Nivea cream on your feet, heels and toes. Give a gentle massage and put on some socks.

I usually do it once every 15 days to always keep them well. If you have very dry feet, do it every week, you can even do it twice in the same week. If the color is very dark, then it is difficult for you to remove the same life, especially with strong colors such as reds. It is even possible that you will have to go with a stained forehead for a couple of days.

Well, to avoid it, put Nivea cream on all these areas and leave it on for as long as you are dyeing it and, of course, the waiting time. Tattoos When you get a tattoo, the tattooist himself recommends good and specific creams for the days after. Helps to heal the tattoo as it is very nutritious and protects the color.

Burns If you burn yourself in the kitchen, with hair irons or clothes irons, apply plenty of cream to the affected area. You can apply it at any time of the day if you have them very badly. You just have to put Nivea on your face and remove with a wipe or cotton and if it is reusable better.

save the world. You can do it every day if your skin admits it because it is dry. And it is a good option if you are caught at a moment without makeup remover or away from home. This cream is very greasy, so if you have very oily skin, do a little test first in case it leaves your skin too greasy.

Although you can also wash your face after having removed your make-up and remove the excess. Nose When you catch a cold or have an allergy that makes you sneeze a lot, the entire area of ​​your nose may become very dry. Chafing A good way to avoid the dreaded chafing of new shoes is by applying a little Nivea to them.

Put cream on the back, right at the seams or where you feel it going to rub against you. Stains First of all, I would like to clarify that this particular cream will not remove stains on the skin. For that you have to look for specific creams and always use sunscreen. especially in the face. serious mistake. Serious no, very serious. Trust me, sun protection always. To increase buttocks Another one of those legends that I don’t know where they come from but there is nowhere to take them.

let’s be serious gentlemen. If you want to increase your bum, go to the gym. No cream is going to put the ass of the Kardashian. And I like it because this is where the bad and the good are discovered. I like to be informed and I like to know what the hell I’m putting on my body. Well, this ingredient is carried in many cosmetics because it is a softening and film-forming agent that protects the skin. Also derived from petroleum, which serves to thicken and give creams that solid texture.

It is the one that helps keep the skin in good condition but it is not very biodegradable, not to mention that it is a paraffin, a mineral oil. If we go to the environmental part, it is a nuisance that it has little or no biodegradable and polluting ingredients. I am in a moment of change. For my part that’s all. And of course, I hope I have been of help to you, or at least entertained you.