Nubian Nose

Nose Types: Which One Is Yours??

NUBIAN OR WIDE NOSE. This is a type of nose that receives this name from the geographical region of Nubia, Sudan, since it is very common in the.

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It has wide nostrils, and the tip looks like a ball. Types of noses according to some regions or ethnic groups. Nubian nose. It is predominant in the East.

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And if we are in a complicated situation and need advice, the ideal is to resort to a Nubian nose, which usually denotes an open mind and.

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Different types of nose

Always talk to your rhinoplasty surgeon since it is a personalized procedure for each person’s face. If you are concerned about the shape or size of your nose, rhinoplasty may be the solution. There are many types of nose for rhinoplasty, and each one requires a specific technique. In reality, rhinoplasty is a personalized procedure for each person’s face.

There are no ideal noses, but natural noses with respect to a specific facial harmony. Different surgeries for different types of nose in rhinoplasty To obtain harmony and beauty adapted to your type of nose, you must correctly plan your expectations with your rhinoplasty surgeon. We listen attentively and carefully to our patient to find out what they don’t like about their current nose.

Nose with bumps, humps or camel’s nose Reduction of the dorsal hump The nose with a hump is perceived if looking at the profile it appears as a hill coming out of the nose. We define this hill as hump or nasal hump. They can appear due to an injury or be related to the patient’s own genetics.

Nose with a bulbous tip Secondary bulbous nose rhinoplasty The bulbous nose is one that is like a ball or bean. Unequal Tip Nose Technique: Tip Rhinoplasty Some people have one side of the tip of their nose different from the other.

The reason the tip of a nose differs in shape is due to the condition of the underlying cartilage. The idea is to achieve a symmetrical appearance between both ends of the tip. Crooked nose Technique: septoplasty Septoplasty: surgery to correct a deviated septum in a crooked nose The facial axis is a line that goes from the eyebrow to the tip of the nose.

If that line is twisted to one side or the other, we are facing a crooked nose or laterorhinitis. Nose may tilt to one side. A crooked nose is often the result of an injury or can be genetic.

There are two alternatives to treat a nose with a prolonged nasal projection; the first involves raising the bridge of the nose, so that the tip no longer looks jagged. The second option has to do with reducing the projection of the nasal tip. It can be from birth or due to previous surgeries. This type of nose suffers from a depression or sinking in the surface along the nasal bridge. Wide nose It occurs mainly in men and in some ethnic groups.

Big nose A long or big nose is one that protrudes a lot from the face in profile. Patients who come to rhinoplasty comment that their nose is too big compared to the size of their face. They want to reshape their nose after its growth. Small nose A small nose is often the result of accidents in which the bridge of the nose has been affected.

In some people the small nose is from birth and they have a low nasal profile. Upturned nose Upturned noses are attractive, especially in women. However, "very turned up" noses look unnatural, they have the appearance of having been operated on. Long nose A long nose is perceived when we look at someone in profile and it is noticeable that it is excessively long.

Rhinoplasty surgery can shorten the nose to a normal length. This requires reducing the underlying cartilage, shortening the septum, or removing skin inside the nostrils. This rhinoplasty procedure is known as ethnic rhinoplasty. Tissue is removed from the base of the nostrils to reduce the width and length of the nostrils.

There are no ideal noses. The advice of the rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Macía Colón is to speak personally with rhinoplasty professionals to learn to correctly understand what changes your nose needs. You should not consider your nose as an isolated object, but rather put it in the context of your face. Visit our facial aesthetics clinic in Madrid Each patient is different and this information cannot replace the specific medical advice that Dr.

Macía Colón can offer you in our clinic in Madrid. For patients from outside Madrid, Dr.