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Step by step: how to calculate our number The number is calculated by adding each of the digits of the.

Numerology helps us to see what the future holds in , now we will see what awaits in love and money depending on the date of birth. › International.

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If you want to calculate your number according to numerology. and know what it means, put your date of birth. My birth date is.

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In this magical technique we look at our date of birth and the numbers aligned with the letters in our name to find our.

What is numerology good for?

And it is that they consider that it is not only important to know the personality of our children. As can happen with other types of divination methods. In fact, it is a widely used method to obtain greater knowledge about ourselves.

What is the use of numerology With everything I have understood about the numerology of the name and date of birth, I can say that its purpose has a certain similarity with the horoscope. The reason for this is that the zodiac tries to define the baby or person and their future. Along with this, it helps to visualize what stands between her, her personal goals and success in life.

Whether by name and surname, vowels, consonants, date of birth, name and date, among others. Well, for numerology, this type of numbering must be interpreted differently and independently in names and dates. In which those with the same value, spaces or punctuation, do not count. As well as the zero, which has no value in this operation. To do it, keep in mind some details among these 26 letters of the alphabet.

Here is an example. The numerology result for baby Mary is 8. If you want to see what meaning this specialty gives you, do not miss the final part of this article. They have a desire for independence and great potential to be successful. They have social skills and love to write.

They are highly imaginative. They love freedom, challenges and are bored by routine. They tend to give priority to the family and have a great sense of commitment. They have great investigative skills. They love to ask about everything and get motivated by learning. They have great skills to achieve what they set out to do. These kids are usually all winners. Its characteristics are tolerance, compassion, sensitivity and generosity.

These are dreamers, visionaries and idealists. It may interest you:.

Numerology – Your Date of Birth – Part 1