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Name Numerology | Who Are You According To Your Numerology?

To find out the secret of your name, we must use the name you use on a daily basis -it can be a nickname or a nickname- and the first surname;.

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Consult numerology to choose a name for your son or daughter Choose a name for the baby to be born, among thousands of names that there are.

Numerology is a set of beliefs or traditions that seeks to establish a hidden relationship between numbers, living beings and physical or spiritual forces. It is also a divinatory practice through numbers.​.

What information does your name and surname bring according to the numbers. How to calculate your soul number and your personality number, and what.

Full Name Numerology and Its Meaning • AstroMundus

With this simple calculator you can analyze your full name through numerology. You just have to write it in the boxes that appear.


If in your case you have only one name, use only that. The same goes for surnames. find yours. always seek excellence. The 1 works a lot and risks a lot too. If you are a 1, it is advisable that you find ways to positively release stress, such as playing sports or going to the gym.

This would be ideal, since you tend to demand yourself and work a lot and this can affect your health. The reason is that they could take advantage of them, their good tact and good heart. For them, being on stage is something natural, and if not, it would be because they carry wounds from their childhood. They are resourceful people and greatly appreciate applause; that they recognize him and appreciate what he thinks. They are quite responsible and highly value their home. They celebrate life, they want to enjoy and always see what is outside.

They are excellent party decorators, for example. Also, they are very attracted to mystery, they like to listen to stories. could be a great leader. Their negative side is that they can get quite nervous when everything goes too well, because they have to learn to relax.

The 6 are people who can be trusted, but so much so that they need to learn to calm down. Their great effort has helped them build great things in life, but they need to learn to stop and rest. It is precisely that confidence and leadership that makes them so attractive. They don’t even get to know themselves and they tend to insist on getting to know themselves.

They are sensitive and often collect objects for sentimental reasons. They are attracted to quality and therefore they are very concerned about having the economic income that allows them to have this standard of living. They are attracted to luxury and living well. It is a matter to be dealt with in this life.

For this reason, they are advised not to say anything that may seem superior, even if they do so unintentionally. In other words, you have to learn to overcome resentments, let them go. They are quite attached to the family, so any conflict can affect them quite a bit.

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