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46 Best dresses for chubby in according to experts

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The story behind the portraits of Kate Middleton on her 40th birthday

This change in tradition dates back to , when we first saw the Duchess in jeans for an official occasion. However, despite the denim piece, Kate managed to look impeccable and full of glamor. An image surrounded by many symbolisms and underlying meanings: First of all, having chosen one of her favorite English designers: Alexander McQueen.

And I wear it not once, but three times. Between the buzz it caused on social media and in the press, these portraits received a stratospheric level of exposure. Similarly, these portraits were commented on by the main media from the BBC to the New York Times. Recall the Reiss signature dress with which she attended a dinner with Michelle and Barack Obama, which reported a sales rate of one dress sold per minute.

So being featured in this portrait wearing this iconic English brand is not to be taken lightly. This is an election that we will remember for a long time. This photo of Kate Middleton with a wide smile contrasts with the formality of the first portrait. Her choice of jewelry also served as a masterclass in royal etiquette. In this way, the Duchess made sure to carry the memory of Princess Diana into the future, especially as she is such a well-remembered character around the world.

In the second photo we see her in a red dress by Alexander McQueen and in this image her earrings are part of the official collection of Queen Elizabeth II. But for now, they are a symbol of what is to come. The Duchess of Cambridge often projects a close sensibility and comes across as down-to-earth: in previous portraits we’ve seen her in sweaters, blouses, suits and other simple outfits.

An image of the Duchess of Cambridge that has already passed into posterity. This artist was commissioned to portray Princess Margaret, and later Princess Elizabeth, in ethereal gowns in front of ornate backdrops. Sitting, serious, and looking in profile. The first image of the Duchess of Cambridge, in fact, looks like an imitation of this style. Both for his pose and for his facial expression and for the black and white filter.

At the same time, he becomes a vital figure of this institution. Cecil Beaton was the English court photographer in the mid-20th century. These locations were chosen for their significance in the life and career of the Duchess. Article originally published in Vogue UK, vogue. Vogue Recommends Celebrities.

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