Olive Oil Dogs

The Benefits of Olive Oil for Dogs

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First of all, we want to comment that olive oil is rich in antioxidants, making it ideal for nourishing the body’s cells.

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It may be surprising but olive oil is used to clean the ears of dogs in case they have otitis or conditions such as.


Olive oil is a very healthy product for the human and canine diet, as long as it is used in moderation. in dogs.

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How should you give olive oil to your dog?

Yes, we are talking about olive oil. In this article we want to talk to you about it and tell you how to use it to benefit your pet. It can provide your dog with Omega3 and vitamin E, as well as healthy fats that increase their good cholesterol. The first thing you should do before starting with the shots is to talk to your veterinarian and tell you what amount is recommended and not dangerous for your animal.

The normal is the following table: Dogs up to 10 kilos: Half a tablespoon a day Dogs from eleven to thirty kilos: A small tablespoon a day Larger dogs: A tablespoon and a half a day. Knowing this, we can go on to give our pet the necessary shots. You could also apply it on a rice cake, cereal dog food or in canned food.

This happens because it regenerates cells due to its antioxidant effect, and gives life to your epidermis. As you can see, there are many benefits of this natural element taken from Mother Nature. Each dog is a world and may have special needs.

Can I give my dog ​​olive oil, or… Better not? do you have benefits?