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Elite: Samuel and Omar will not be in the possible Season 5

Omar Ayuso is a Spanish actor, model and director.He is best known for his role as Omar Shanaa on the Netflix web series Elite.​.


Omar Ayuso (Elite): Censored sur pour cette photo très osée! Popular after the success of the Elite series, the actor Omar Ayuso fait également parler.

Omar Shanaa is a main character in the Netflix Elite series. He is Nadia’s brother. In both the first and second seasons.

Omar Ayuso (born 25 March ) is a Spanish actor. He portrays Omar on Netflix’s Elite.

Elite: Samuel and Omar will not be in the possible season 5

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Omar has a boyfriend?

Here we solve your doubt. And the truth is that there are many reasons to love him. Omar Ayuso’s artistic career is just beginning. It was when we first saw him on screen, in Elite. The Netflix series was his first formal job as an actor. At Homosensual we are pleased to inform you that the answer is yes. The actor Omar Ayuso is gay in real life.

In reality, Omar Ayuso never formally came out of the closet before the media and his fans. Simply, from the beginning, he spoke about his sexual orientation in a natural way, without too much drama. Actor Omar Ayuso is openly gay. Omar Ayuso is very popular on social networks. Although Omar has always been very discreet when it comes to his private life, we know that he has been with his boyfriend Alonso Díaz for a long time.

Of course we will keep it in our sights because we love it. By the way, if you want to know if Arón Piper is gay or not, here we tell you. Ana Sierra Arzuffi I wrote a book. I do everything and if I don’t know how to do it, I learn it. I tell you, I do everything. I hate raisins and I drink too much coffee. Related Posts.

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