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Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo With Onion And Cannabis

Accelerates hair growth. Regulates excess oil in the hair thanks to its astringent and antioxidant properties. has properties.

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Onion Shampoo with Nettle to stop hair loss and help hair growth. Onion helps strengthen the hair follicle so.

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It serves to prevent hair loss, make hair grow in a short time, strengthens it and repairs damaged hair, in addition to helping against bacteria and fungi that are on the scalp, which treats dandruff, seborrhea and even serves for lice. Benefits and Properties of Onion Shampoo As I have already mentioned, the onion contains incredible properties, this is due to its nutrients, vitamins and minerals, its antioxidants help maintain healthy hair, eliminating all the harmful agents that dry out and mistreat the hair.

Onion Shampoo for Hair Loss The properties contained in the onion and its nutrients help prevent hair loss and strengthen brittle hair, making it strong, hydrated and healthy. When the hair is clean, the nutrients can enter the hair follicles so that they begin to strengthen, hydrate, nourish and prevent hair loss.

In addition, shampoo with onion helps improve blood circulation, which is another important factor to prevent hair loss and that nutrients travel throughout the scalp. So if you want to strengthen brittle hair and prevent it from falling out, it is advisable to use an onion shampoo or prepare a homemade shampoo for your hair. This also helps fight seborrhea, dryness and bacteria present in the hair.

Therefore, it also helps to avoid losing the pigmentation of the hair and prevents gray hair, maintaining its color for longer. You need: 1 shampoo of any brand and strong smell of millimeters. Preparation and Application: It can be prepared in two ways, one of them is to cut the onion into pieces and add it to the shampoo, let it rest for 15 days and then use it normally as another shampoo. Another option is to remove all the juice from the onion, which is placed inside the shampoo, let it rest for 15 days and then it can be applied normally.

It is also recommended to use it for 3 months to see good results and repair damaged hair, oily hair, prevent hair loss and eliminate dandruff. If you want to help this homemade shampoo to grow hair or fight dandruff, you can add pieces of garlic, which will eliminate bacteria from the scalp.

You should apply as usual as any other shampoo, but if you want better results, apply with gentle circular massages to improve circulation and observe the nutrients. Then let stand for 15 minutes and remove with plenty of warm water.

Onion Shampoo Brands In the market you can find many products that contain onion, from shampoo to onion masks, so you only have to choose the one that suits you best. Some of these brands are: -Familand: used for hair loss. These are just some brands you can find many others, you can find them in pharmacies, beauty and hair treatment stores, in online stores. Do not worry! To remove the smell of onion in the hair you can apply: -When you use a shampoo, look for one with a strong smell to reduce the smell of onion.

Of course, as I have mentioned, you can find a wide variety of these shampoos in the market which will not leave odors in your hair, more than just benefits.