Orange Cake

orange cake. Easy, Fluffy and Delicious

Ingredients ; 1/2 cups butter 2 cups refined sugar · 2 cups flour, sifted 2 teaspoons baking powder; ounces of butter.

ORANGE CAKE · 3 Oranges (the juice) · A glass of brandy or sugar rum to taste.

This Ecuadorian orange cake recipe is very easy, tasty and cheap to prepare. This fluffy cake is ideal to share at dinner time.

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Take your orange pancake to another level with this orange cake recipe that is perfect for taking advantage of oranges from the fruit bowl.

orange cake. Easy, fluffy and delicious | Sergio’s Recipe

An interesting difference to mention between orange bread, sponge cake and other similar preparations consists in the portions: the.

Preparation, how to make the recipe for fluffy, homemade and easy orange sponge cake:

Its ease lies in the fact that it is prepared with the famous "yogurt measure", consisting of using the container of an individual yogurt of grams to measure the amounts of each ingredient, and thus you do not make mistakes and forget about grams or tablespoons. For chocolate lovers, nothing better than homemade chocolate cake, or orange and chocolate.

And for those of us who enjoy any dessert or cake with apple, an exquisite sponge cake with apple and walnuts, spongy and homemade. Flour 3 measures of yogurt. Olive oil 1 measure of yogurt. Butter to spread the mold, or parchment paper. Grate the skin of the orange without reaching the white part and reserve it. Peel the orange completely, extract the segments and chop them a little. Add the sifted flour and yeast, that is, passing them through a sieve so they do not fall with lumps or caking.

Beat everything again until the mixture is homogeneous. You can spread a little butter with your own finger or with a kitchen brush on its walls, or line it with baking paper. This way you make sure that the cake is not going to stick to you. Turn off the oven, remove the cake and let it rest for a few minutes before unmolding it. Let it cool completely before consuming it. Related Recipes.

Orange Cake Quick and Easy Dessert