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Copper orange hair on brunettes Looking for a discreet orange tone? copper is for you. Credit: A copper tone is.

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copper gradient. Copper tones also favor brown skin that prefers to stay away from blondes, as it allows.

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The copper orange hair color speaks for itself. On the other hand, if your skin is dark or very dark, this tone will add years to you and will not be harmonic. · According to.

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skin tones

goodbye to simplicity. As we always say, the client has to feel comfortable. Experimenting is always the best option. Of course, always following the tastes of the client. Make everyone see that it is time to play with new possibilities, to try that color that, surely, favors you.

Cool skin is identified by an almost imperceptible bluish undertone. Chocolate malva Malva belongs to the range of violet and magenta. Crossed with chocolate tones, a beautiful subtle combination is created, which is not boring for that reason. Recommended for those who want a bold change, but not as radical as rainbow hair or pastel shades.

The balayage, gives light and joviality to the face. The intention of balayage is to lighten the tone of the hair one or two shades to give it light and movement. The professional does not do a complete discoloration, but uses a brush to paint strand by strand with the bleach, and then the tone achieved by mixing different shades of brown.

You can not forget the shine that is used to make the hair look healthy and hydrated. Honey Unquestionably, the honey color is one of the colors of the moment. They can be applied with the balayage technique, as an ombré color or as a full wash of color. A burnt effect can be created by mixing the brown tint with a dark red. Ideal for those who have wanted to cross into the world of redheads, but have never known how. A brassy hue can be the start.

Of course, the colorist has to find the right tone and technique. Again, we praise the balayage technique because it is perfect for these cases. Being a gradient, it makes the change to blonde less radical. A sensual look that flatters any skin tone. And it is that both the Kardashian and Ariana Grande have already dared with this tone. It is perfect with a thick ponytail or with a wet look. Always use quality products that are suitable for each type of hair.

Apply mask once a week. They can apply it about two hours before showering or even overnight. Not washing hair as often. Hair should not get used to products every day. Do not abuse high temperatures, neither in the water nor in the air of the dryer.

In fact, once all the products have been rinsed off, rinsing it off with cold water helps seal the cuticles and adds shine. Avoid irons and dryers. And, if they are used, apply a specific protector before. In short, you have to be encouraged to try new tones and not get carried away by false conceptions, but, of course, being informed is essential when taking the step.

Clients must be encouraged to try new colors that suit them, but always based on the knowledge that a good professional can provide.