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Keanu Reeves, Nostalgia And The Music: The Good And The Bad Of ‘Spongebob Squarepants: To The Rescue’

I did the dubbing of OTTO the Robot in SpongeBob to the rescue. I am very excited I have been a lifelong fan, thanks to all of you this is possible.

The dubbing or voices in Latin Spanish of SpongeBob to the Rescue, Netflix’s animated film, El Diablo or Mauricio Barrientos; Otto.

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Of course, SpongeBob SquarePants: To the Rescue would take the time to introduce new characters, which is why we meet the intelligent robot, Otto.

cool! I did the dubbing of OTTO the Robot in SpongeBob to the rescue. I’m so excited I’ve been a lifelong fan thanks to all of you this.

Keanu Reeves and other details about the new SpongeBob movie

Otto. Otto is the new character in this film, a robot played by the comedic actress Awkwafina in the original voice, while in the.

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In other news

The story focuses on SpongeBob and Gary’s bond. Everything changes when Plankton confirms that the one who foils his plans is SpongeBob and decides to get rid of Gary, embarking his owner -and Patrick- on an adventure to find him. Along the way they have an epiphany where they meet the Sage and defeat the Devil which I will summarize as irrelevant, it seems they had a lot of budget to have well-known actors and assign them meaningless roles. When they decide to resume their journey, they are caught and nearly executed.

As a good animated movie, it has its moral about friendship and a happy ending. In general, it is funny and entertaining to watch, but there are moments when it feels too long due to the filler scenes. I fell asleep in some parts, including. Characters The animation style is different from the series and previous SpongeBob SquarePants, but it’s not annoying. This style of animation makes some characters cute with those googly eyes, which I think is a nice touch; since I didn’t even know what color Gary’s eyes were.

We will analyze a little some characters from the film: The reef fish: They appear in the introduction, they look like Dory from Finding Nemo. I would describe them as a terrible idea to lengthen the film. The animation does not reflect anything of the color of Bikini Bottom, they are not even similar to those that appear in the series and they look super sad. They could use the fish that appear in SpongeBob or give it a funny touch.

Gary: I repeat, those eyes melted my heart. Throughout the entire film, the bond it has with its owner is shown. The big difference is that this one is totally vain, and it stays that way thanks to the slime of the snails. It should be noted that King Triton has had changes in appearance between the series and the movie, so it is possible that Poseidon is also Triton, but with a different name… and appearance, again. Chancellor: caters to Poseidon’s needs, is irrelevant.

Plankton: Finally gets the secret formula from the defeated Mr. Krabs, dissatisfied, decides to confess and help rescue his friend. Sandy: Created Otto, shared how he met SpongeBob, contradicting what was presented in the series. Otto: A funny robot, he drives wherever he wants and is not very good at following instructions. It’s very funny and it was used quite well. Squidward: the character we hated as children, but understand as adults.

He hates his job and SpongeBob; however, he helped him when he needed it. El Diablo: personified by Danny Trejo a filler character, he did not contribute anything to the film. It seems that it is like to extend it and, at the same time, use the entire budget. Entertaining and funny moments.

Thanks Netflix for getting us used to skipping these parts. Here is a Spotify playlist with some songs from this and other SpongeBob movies for you to enjoy. Tell me in the comments if you liked the movie or not as much as I did.