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10 Of Bad Bunny’s Most Iconic Looks

Bad Bunny continues to break it with his outfits. Bad Bunny breaking stereotypes by wearing a crop top. The singer is always trying.

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Aydan Meaning

Bad Bunny was one of the greats of the Latin Grammys and not because of the number of awards but because of his looks and his speech.

Bad Bunny’s style is something unique, ranging from looking like a normal boy, to looking like a movie villain.

The 6 most eccentric outfits of Bad Bunny

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The Most Dangerous Signs

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However, he brought our salvation straight to our homes, he is Bad Bunny. But the Bad Rabbit had other plans. Because yes, gentlemen, this boy rose to fame in it and since then he has not stopped giving us great successes. Because yes it was and the best thing is that it was also for him. His songs do not stop spinning in our heads every day.

Clothes have no gender and fashion is just a way of saying who we are, so he follows it to the letter. With you my dear readers, the Bad Bunny, Bad Bunny baby. Of course, it does not matter what you wear, the question is the attitude.

That is why here Mr. Bad Bunny shows us how with jeans with a blue sky patch, an open shirt and the complement of golden jewelry is just right for a delicious coffee to start the day. Although I am not a person who always wears sunglasses both in the summer and the rest of the year, I must say that these impressed me with their size and color, I even think I have seen them to go to the snow, but stop , this is the Coachella Festival and you have to get style even through the pores.

Pink, blue, black and white all in this Louis Vuitton ensemble alongside sparkly snow goggles and black boots. I don’t know about you, but I find that he has plenty of style on stage. I’ve always said it, when it comes to dressing it doesn’t matter if you put a sack of potatoes on top, attitude is what counts and, by God, clothes have no gender and some people must continue to record that, despite live in the times we are in.

There is nothing out of the ordinary here, but it must be said… how good those legs look with that white linen skirt with a slit on each side. The Bad Rabbit glasses can not miss, of course. Sharpay Evans, a fictional character from High School Musical, always said that everything containing orange should be thrown in the trash and burned, because, of course, pink was her life and orange was the opposite, she almost competed with her.

It’s cold in Chile and yes I would wear this jacket of this strong color together with the sweatshirt with a photo of the big one underneath, wearing something formal with something informal has become a trend in street style and the artist knows how to use it at his favor. Orange lenses, obviously, and a sheer mesh with white accents is how it completes the look. Some awards thanks to the pandemic were forgotten for a while, however we are lucky to have the outfits that they have left us to remember whenever we want.

Because I can’t believe that the black mask and the protective glasses are just accessories for this total black. However, there are people who give it their touch and we can clearly see it in this one that has glitter attached to it, making it a perfect match for the accessories that the singer is using.

This boy has a fabulous fashion sense and it is something that no one can deny. Leather pants, combat boots, a two-material jacket since we have cotton on top and on top there is leather, of course something that we cannot forget is the jewelry, always present or it would not be him.

The Super Bowl was the final closing of the events for this year, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez gave it their all, but with the surprise factor of appearing together with J Balvin and Bad Bunny. Red, silver and gold was all that was seen on stage and the Bad Rabbit was one of them. Silver glitter leather jacket, gray beatle, silver headscarf.

A silver pump ready to make the world dance with all the Latin wave. The essence commands, especially when it comes to dressing.