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Outlander (TV series)

After serving as a nurse in the British Army in World War II, Claire Randall enjoys a second honeymoon in Scotland with her husband, but is suddenly transported to Scotland, where her freedom and her life are threatened.

The actor brings to life Jamie Fraser, a Scottish landowner and warrior who Sam Heughan is one of Outlander’s most beloved characters.

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The Frasers[edit] The Wakefields[edit] The MacKenzies[edit] The Randalls[edit] The Murrays[edit] The Beauchamps[edit] The Duncans/Edgars[edit].

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Cast and characters[edit] Caitriona Balfe as Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Randall Fraser Sam Heughan as James "Jamie" Alexander Malcom MacKenzie Fraser.

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jamie fraser. claire fraser. Jonathan Randall. Laoghaire MacKenzie. Brianna Fraser. Geillis Duncan. Fergus Claudel Fraser. Roger MacKenzie.

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Tweeddale Court Alley This quaint alley off the Royal Mile appears in several city shots packed with market stalls, as you can see in the screenshot. Today, it houses the offices of The List magazine.

Discover this and other corners in our guide to the alleys of the Royal Mile. Because, there, at the bottom of some stairs, is where Alexander Malcolm’s printing press, Jamie’s fictitious nickname, is located in the series. This is one of the best-preserved alleys on the Royal Mile, so they didn’t have to transform it too much for the shoot. The stairs leading to Jamie’s print shop are the same, but without the sign. These scenes were shot in a part of the restaurant that is used for weddings and banquets.

Although it is not cheap, it is an experience that we recommend without hesitation. The food is delicious and the environment, unbeatable. But, despite how they transformed it, you can distinguish the exact point where they shot. They removed the clock and added several buildings, but the rest of the Royal Mile is recognizable. That medical class was shot in one of the rooms in Summerhall, an Edinburgh cultural center that, for decades, housed a veterinary school.

Nowadays, in Summerhall they organize concerts, exhibitions and classes, some of them in this same room. Another good excuse to visit this place is its pub, The Royal Dick. That is why it surprised us, one of the times we were about to visit him, to see dozens of people outside. If you have some free time in Edinburgh, this is well worth a visit.

The day before we found ourselves shooting Outlander at Craigmillar Castle, after spending the afternoon taking photos for this article, we decided to have dinner at one of the restaurants that we recommend in the article on where to eat in Edinburgh, Holyrood 9A. The next day, meeting the shoot at Craigmillar Castle, we pieced together why they were both in town at the time.

Below we compile several scenes of the Scottish capital that appear in the novels of Diana Gabaldon. For a few weeks, they settle in Holyrood Palace, at the end of the Royal Mile, to map out the next steps. Meanwhile, the prince organizes parties and evenings. This is one of the Outlander locations in Edinburgh that still stands, although the series was never shot there.

Gabaldon was based on a true episode in Scottish history. The prince and his troops stayed at the palace for 6 weeks in , during which they granted audiences and held balls. How to visit Holyrood Palace.

Today, the Palace is the official residence of the Queen in the city, and you can visit it inside, see the bed where Prince Charles slept when he stayed there, and walk among the beautiful ruins of the old abbey. Here you can buy tickets for Holyrood Palace. Canongate Church was built in , when Canongate was still a separate town from Edinburgh. The Canongate Church, on the Royal Mile The alleys, closes and wynds Much of the plot of Outlander in Edinburgh takes place between the alleys of the Royal Mile.

Many are fictional, but could well have existed in the Edinburgh of — Imagine the city without the New Town we know today, and with walls preventing the Old Town from growing. The center of Edinburgh was small, reduced to the bustling Royal Mile and the alleys that emanated from it. Narrow, dark Closes and wynds where craftsmen’s workshops shared space with dilapidated multi-storey buildings, where many Edinburghers lived crammed together in precarious conditions.

Fires like the one in Viajera were frequent, and so were the floors full of excrement and fluids, which the neighbors emptied from the windows to the cry of Gardy Loo! These are some of the alleyways on the Royal Mile that appear in the fictional Outlander books: Ladywalk Wynd. The alley where Alexander Randall, brother of Jack Randall, lived until his death, in Gone in Time 2. Fictional Carfax Close. The alley where Jamie’s printing shop, who goes by Alexander Malcolm at the time, is located in Traveler 3.

In the book it is mentioned that the printing press also has access from a backyard, very characteristic of the Royal Mile. In this alley is the hotel where Reverend Archibald Campbell and his sister Margaret stay, whom Claire visits in Traveler 3. Actual Anchor Close. This tavern, frequented by Dougal Mackenzie, is already mentioned in Stuck in Time 2.

In fact, this historic pub is a perfect place to eat a good Scottish haggis and have a drink on the Royal Mile. Here you have other ideas of pubs and restaurants where to eat in Edinburgh. In Traveler 3, little Ian follows a mysterious man through pubs like the Blue Boar or the Dog and Gun, which we believe to be fictional.

In the book, Claire visits the Old Tolbooth daily, bringing them food and medicine. Edinburgh Castle At the end of the Royal Mile, at the opposite end of Holyrood Palace, stands the majestic Edinburgh Castle. In Stuck in Time 2 we see how Prince Charles and the Jacobites stay at Holyrood Palace, while Jack Randall and the English army take possession of Edinburgh Castle.

Two opposing factions sharing the city and the same street, the Royal Mile. Today: Edinburgh Castle is the city’s biggest attraction. Here you can buy tickets to visit it. Even if you decide not to enter, take a look at a small fountain on one of the walls of the outer esplanade of the fortress.

The Witches Well witches well is a tribute to the almost people who died executed for witchcraft in Scotland, most of them women. Blackness Castle. Blackness is one of our favorite castles near Edinburgh.

The scene where Jack Randall sews Jamie’s back with a whip is shot in the courtyard, and the castle appeared again in Season 2, this time with Brianna and Roger walking around inside. Hopeton House. In this majestic residence near South Queensferry, several scenes of Outlander have been shot. In the first series, the interior and exterior served as the home of the Duke of Sandringham.

In the second season, one of the alleys next to the stables was transformed to represent a street in Paris in several episodes. Midhope Castle Lallybroch. We tell you how to visit Midhope Castle here. That’s where Claire and Jamie say goodbye. Preston Mill. Glencorse Old Kirk. Traveling Scotland offers a small discount to web readers once you add the excursion to the basket.

Scotland Tourism also offers you a discount if you use the masedinburg code. Outlander Tour, by Edina Tours. This company offers a day trip from Edinburgh. Guide updated in September of and published for the first time in November of Plan your trip.