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Learn about Pablo Escobar’s life in photos. To begin this documentary photography we will tell you a little more about the life of Pablo Emilio.

It was not made public until , when the HBO documentary "Sins of my father" was released, which told the story.

Édgar Jiménez, ‘El Chino’, took the most intimate photos known of Pablo Escobar. This has been the life of the trusted photographer of the.

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Documentary photography of the life and fortune of Pablo Escobar

It was not made public until , when the HBO documentary "Sins of my father" was released, which told the story.

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Flavio Ferraro Pablo Escobar, known as the patron of evil. He was a Colombian drug trafficker who faced the constant revolutionary guerrillas, the army and the paramilitary groups. We will tell you through a documentary photography the life and fortune of Pablo Escobar. Born in , Rionegro, Antioquia- Colombia. He was the third in a household of 7 children. Thus becoming an expert in business from a very young age.

In , Escobar finished high school at the aforementioned high school, being admitted to the Faculty of Economics of the Universidad Autónoma Latinoamericana de Medellín, opting to retire to pursue his personal business. He wanted his son to continue with his empire, because he did not want it to end. In the documentary photography we will see how he was loved and listened to attentively by the people while he was on a political campaign. He achieved great influence in political power and large groups through the extortions he did, even managing to get the support that would lead him to be elected as a substitute to the Senate by the Liberal Alternative movement.

Beginning of his criminal career It is also necessary to mention as part of the documentary photography how Pablo Escobar’s criminal beginnings were. Thus he becomes the owner of a great fortune. He no longer wanted to be anonymous in the same way everyone already knew who he was and what he did, that’s where he decides to become the man of the people. Supported social projects. Even financing projects for the development of Medellin, doing all this favored him at the time of getting the votes he needed to become then the deputy mayor of the Medellin City Council.

A war of drug terrorism Continuing with documentary photography. November , the extraditables which was an organization that opposed the extradition of Colombians through death threats. They exploded a car bomb in front of the US embassy leaving many people affected, it was a total war from Colombia to Escobar and vice versa.

After Pablo Escobar escaped, he went back into hiding, causing the wave of kidnappings and murders to grow. Death Pablo escobar was hidden for a long time evading his capture again. Like Pablo Escobar, they abandoned their studies to dedicate themselves to making their own money. One of them, Jorge Luis, sought better luck by emigrating to the United States, where he learned everything about the sale of cocaine, making the necessary connections to make shipments from Colombia for the company that would very soon lay networks from the entire jungle to the North American country.

It is said that Pablo Escobar’s fortune was between 9. He affirms that the money was withheld by the authorities and is grateful for not having to carry all that money on his back. Well, changing the constitution in your favor and having a high level of corruption is not free. Currently, Marroquín gives conferences to inform about the reality of his father and to be able to give a message of awareness against corruption. Julio, Pablo Escobar, his brother Roberto and his men escape from prison surrounding the mountains taking advantage of the blackout that was at that time.

After having evaded justice for 17 months, the time would come for Pablo Escobar’s capture, his fall came on December 2, on the roof of a house in Medellín after being located through a call he would have made.