Pan’S Labyrinth Awards

Curiosities of "Pan’s Labyrinth"

It obtained six nominations at the Oscars, being the representative of Mexico in the category of Best Foreign Language Film, it was awarded.

More than 10 years after its premiere, this masterpiece by the Mexican director, Guillermo del Toro, continues to occupy a great space in the heart.

Winner of three Oscars and seven Goya awards, Guillermo del Toro’s masterpiece will return to theaters on July 10. Telecinco Cinema.

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The three-time Oscar-winning film returns in the novel Pan’s Labyrinth: The Labyrinth of the Faun, which has been described as a.

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BAFTA Awards: Best Foreign Language Film. Synopsis: Year, after Franco’s victory. The girl Ofelia and her mother, Carmen.

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We leave you some information, to be able to continue enjoying this unforgettable story. It had to be a pure product, and Hispanic. Avant-garde influence It is known that, great referents of the industry, they usually take references from artistic currents, painters or certain paintings for their own works. In this case, the Mexican chose to choose Francisco de Goya to honor. In turn, he was also influenced by the works of Tim Burton and the Brothers Grimm. Small difficulty The fact that Guillermo was strict regarding the language of his feature film presented a challenge for Doug Jones, who is already part of the director’s family for being the biggest regular for his projects as his favorite monster.

The actor is a star of characterization and contortionism, but not of languages. Worldwide success When we say that the film is one of the great Spanish-speaking works, we mean it. It was established as the film to receive the best reviews internationally, during When reality surpasses fiction During his adolescence, the director was with his friend enjoying themselves in a bar, when they ran into a street fight. Due to being involved, his partner was hit in the face with a bottle that, since it did not break, caused greater damage to his face.

Unexpected representation Catholicism is a common detail in the director’s works, although it does not always appear as we expect. A mistake that almost ruined everything While enjoying his stay in London, the filmmaker lost a folder containing the sketches of the script, scenes and characters. For a few hours, four years of work disappeared due to his carelessness. Luckily, the taxi driver who was driving the car where the valuable documents were left, recognized that they were important papers and located his hotel in order to return the essential piece of his new project.

The meeting of two powers Upon arrival of the first showings of the film, Stephen King enjoyed the film together with the director. If the villain chasing Ofelia didn’t traumatize you enough, you can visit Pan’s Labyrinth.