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Benefits of Wearing High Waisted Pants

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High-waisted pants were superseded in the 90’s by hip jeans. Today they are back and the reasons I have for you to add them to your.

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High-waisted jeans: The mistakes to avoid when dressing them | fashion Kardashian Butterflies Skinny High Waist Womens Denim Pants: Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry.

That the front part is very tight

Pinterest Streetstyleograph High-waisted jeans have taken over our wardrobes. Pants of this style can make all the difference. However, as is often the case with all garments, there are style mistakes that you definitely have to know about so as not to fall into them when wearing them. From selecting your correct size, to the right hem, these are the mistakes to avoid when wearing high-waisted jeans to tame this trend.

Choose very large or tight-waist jeans Choose high-waisted jeans that fit perfectly at your waist. We know that this can vary according to the brand with which you buy them, so identify well what size you are in each firm where you buy jeans.

Wear with oversized tucked-in tops Choose tops that you can tuck into jeans without making them look bulky. JB Lacroix If you are going to wrap your blouse, t-shirt or shirt, make sure that it is not overzise, ​​otherwise, when you insert it into the pants and close the zipper, you could see bulges in the waist area. Choose a garment that is slightly long so that you can wrap it, but not too much, that is just what is necessary.

The hem is too high Wear high-waisted jeans with the right hem. On the other hand, if the hem is very high, you can achieve an unwanted visual effect, so it is really worth paying attention to this detail. With a blouse or long upper garments that hide it, these pants lose all their meaning, so we suggest you take full advantage of them by wrapping what you wear on top or even with a crop top with which you feel comfortable.