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Pringles is a hyperbolic paraboloid shaped snack. Its potato content is 42%. The rest of the ingredients are wheat starch and flour .

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However, the day they were waiting for the delivery of the rubber, what arrived was a truck loaded with potatoes. His argument was so convincing that, in a first judicial instance, the courts agreed with him. But the reality is that his arguments were solid. This powder, which is mixed with water, is then compressed to form a very fine continuous band one meter wide.

The dough is then cut into oval pieces, which are then placed in a curved mold that is fried in boiling oil for eleven seconds. When removing it, a fan is responsible for removing excess oil and, finally, the Pringles go through a double jet of flavored salt powder. Compared to conventional potato chips, this offers considerable advantages in terms of saving on packaging, transport and storage costs.

Unfortunately, these brief moments of well-being are associated with an unpleasant feeling of satiety, but without actually stopping being hungry, and the long-term consequences are dire for health. In fact, when fried in boiling oil, potatoes and flour give rise to a multitude of toxic compounds, some of them potentially carcinogenic.

Acrylamide is a neurotoxic chemical compound that appears during the cooking of starches at high temperatures. Affects male fertility and causes birth defects. I invite you to share your tastes with the rest of the readers of healthnutritionwellness. Study published in the International Journal of Cancer.

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