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The end of "The Money Heist" It already has a release date

The paper house 5, part 2 on Netflix: watch the premiere of all the new final chapters. December 3, by admin. The Spanish series The paper house.

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The Money Heist. | 18+ | 5 seasons | Crime series Part 5 Volume 2 (Trailer): La casa de papel Release year:

When does La casa de papel season 5 part 2 premiere? Netflix has already released the premieres for the month of December and revealed that the last.

December 3 is the date chosen for the premiere of the second part of season 5 of La Casa de Papel, where it will be possible to know the.

Premiere of ‘La Casa de Papel’ 5: Everything we know about this season – El Digital de Albacete

As is known, season 5 is the last installment of La Casa de Papel and therefore the story about The Professor and his gang of thieves.

What can we expect from the season finale?

The premiere of La Casa de Papel season 5 already has a date, and in this article we tell you everything we know so that the wait does not take so long. However, since the Netflix platform has taken over, the series has advanced at a much faster rate.

Again, and as happened with the first volume of the Casa de Papel season 5, we will have 5 episodes of approximately one hour duration. The series said goodbye with an action scene in which Tokyo lost her life to the impotence of her companions. It is not unreasonable to consider that this character joins his uncle, the Professor, to collaborate with the robbery. At the time, when the second season premiered and that cycle was closed, there was already talk of the end of the series.

So, in principle, and if there is nothing that changes in the future, this season puts an end to the series. In fact, in an interview for Oprah Daily, the director himself said that he would love to write all the characters their own spin off.

In that sense, the format of the platform would make it possible. Llanos Esmeralda Garcia Journalist from Albacete.