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If you have a parrot as your new life companion you should choose a great name for it, if you still can’t decide what to call it.

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Talking parrots Is it entirely true that some birds are able to speak? As its name suggests, it is a species from Africa.

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Names of lovebirds, parrots, parakeets and birds in general, with the letter "M".

names for parrots. Parrots are great, here you will find a selection of names of funny parrots, names of female parrots.

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Psittacidae (Psittacidae) are a family of psittaciform birds commonly called parrots or parrots, which includes macaws, parrots and parrots.

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How can you call a parrot?

A correctly chosen nickname should merge with the personality of the bird itself.. When choosing a name for a feathered pet, it is important not to play too. To do this, make a blacklist. A combination of sounds is important to a parrot, so don’t confuse your feathered friend.

If you have multiple parrots of different sexes, use ready-made paired names like Gretel and Hansel, Bonnie and Clyde. Take your time choosing names that indicate behavioral traits, such as Grumble, Skoda. Such nicknames are suitable for adult birds that already have a character. It would be ridiculous if the name does not match the temperament of the pet. If it is not possible to determine the gender, then it is better to choose a neutral name that does not emphasize the gender.

Unisex Nicknames: Lori, Floppy, Hiccup. For a parrot that does not reproduce human speech, you need to choose a short and clear name – Richie, Kesha. The nature and characteristics of the behavior. It is also important to focus on the type of bird. Choosing a nickname for talking parrots Talking parrots first learn their name, and then prefer to distort it, choosing variations on the theme. Kiryusha can become Kiryushka and Kiryushechka. Zhako parrots have access to any voice changes, they can even pronounce complex names like Archibald and Aristarchus.

Sounds difficult to pronounce: whistles: «c», «s», «h»; voiced consonants: «m», «n», «l»; deep vowels: “o”. Names for small parrots Male parrots need to choose solid and sonorous names that emphasize the value and courage of the feathered: Viking, Felix.