Parsley Contraindications

Parsley: Properties, Benefits and Contraindications

Kidney problems: if you suffer from kidney problems, this diuretic drink can cause kidney stones, mainly due to its oxalic acid content.

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Contraindications of parsley. abortifacient in high concentrations. In case of kidney failure, consult a doctor before taking.

Pregnancy: if you are pregnant, consume tea from.

Parsley contains a substance called apiol, which has been shown to cause miscarriages. So it is preferable that women.

Parsley: benefits, properties and contraindications

Parsley is a herbaceous plant with a large number of properties and nutrients. Know all the benefits of its daily consumption for.

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Parsley nutritional table

But also with some contraindications, in which case its consumption would not be recommended. Nutritional benefits of parsley Parsley is a natural food that stands out for its great nutritional richness. In fact, when consumed raw, it provides interesting amounts of both vitamins and minerals.

It also provides minerals, among which we find potassium, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, iron and magnesium. Regarding its content in essential nutrients, the presence of vitamin C and vitamin A stands out. Not in vain, grams of parsley provide mg. It also stands out for its low content both in calories and therefore in fat, since grams of parsley provide 1 gram of fat and just 36 calories.

We can summarize its nutritional content in the following section for each gram of parsley: Calories: 36 Carbohydrates: 6. Proteins: 3. Fats: 1 gr. Fiber: 3 grams. Vitamins: A ug , B1 0. Minerals: potassium mg, calcium mg, phosphorus 58 mg, magnesium 50 mg, iron 6. To enjoy these benefits, it is recommended to drink a cup of parsley infusion before the 3 main meals.

And it is that parsley is very rich in vitamin C, an essential nutrient with recognized action on our immune system. Good for the kidneys Parsley is ideal for cleaning the kidneys, so we are faced with an excellent food to purify the kidneys in a completely natural way.

The reason is that its diuretic properties favor parsley to stimulate kidney function, so that we help our kidneys better perform their functions of purifying and detoxifying the body. It also helps in case of high blood pressure, by helping to regulate high blood pressure levels.

Also in case of renal insufficiency. The answer to this benefit is found in its richness in minerals, by providing interesting amounts of iron, phosphorus and calcium. Renal insufficiency. The consumption of parsley oil is not recommended in case of: Children.