Parsley Properties And Contraindications

Parsley Tea Properties And Benefits For Health, How To Prepare It, What It Is For

Contraindications of parsley tea Kidney problems: if you suffer from kidney problems, this diuretic drink can cause you.

Contraindications for parsley tea should be taken into account. Pregnant women should not consume the tea, in addition to avoiding excessive consumption.

Parsley contraindications Interaction with medications Allergies and intoxication Aggravating gastritis or reflux Kidney problems.

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It can promote excessive stimulation of the uterus and its contraction, due to its emmenagogue effect, which causes, as.

ᐈ Parsley Tea Properties and Health Benefits

And, precisely speaking of the benefits that parsley has, we are going to go into more detail about everything that this plant can contribute.

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Properties and benefits of parsley

But that also helps in the prevention of certain specific pathologies, as is the case of iron deficiency anemia. Hence, it is so widely used worldwide, both as a gastronomic condiment and as a medicinal ingredient. Benefits in cardiovascular health Thanks to its good content of vitamin B9, one of the benefits of parsley is that its consumption could improve our cardiovascular health.

Prevents and fights urinary tract infections Another benefit of parsley is that its consumption offers an effect that is achieved through its antibacterial quality, and being an important diuretic allows the purification of the entire urinary tract from bacteria or yeasts that can cause affections such as acute cystitis, urethritis, or pyelonephritis.

Thus, there are currently tests that confirm its antimicrobial power against strains such as staphylococcus aureus, E. Also, its antioxidant content protects the kidneys from suffering damage caused by free radicals, preventing the appearance of kidney failure. Prevents anemia An extremely important factor in the formation of hemoglobin and red blood cells is iron, where its lack in the body can frequently cause iron deficiency anemia.

A mineral that parsley has in a significant amount. Due to its good folate content, one of the benefits of parsley is that its intake, together with iron, favors the production of red blood cells. Thanks to promoting this production, systemic oxygenation is increased and thereby prevents and combats anemia. Avoid halitosis One of the unknown benefits of parsley is that its regular consumption, either fresh or in tea, promotes good oral health, through two mechanisms, the first is its antibacterial effect that prevents the proliferation of pathogenic strains in the oral cavity.

And the second is due to its property to alkalinize the environment of the oral cavity, avoiding the generation of residues or germs that acidify the environment. These antioxidants can help prevent macular degeneration, one of the main causes of blindness. Without a doubt, it is an excellent food that could mitigate problems related to menstruation. Combats fluid retention Thanks to its great diuretic effect, another benefit of parsley is that its intake is ideal to combat fluid retention.

Helps to have optimal bone health One of the benefits of parsley is that it is a great ally to enjoy excellent bone health due to its good contribution of vitamin K and calcium. This density is key to reducing the risk of suffering bills. Contraindications of parsley The consumption of parsley in high quantities or concentrations as in the topic of infusions can generate negative reactions.

Allergies and intoxication Not enough cases have been registered to know the reason why a minimum percentage of the population presents allergy to parsley consumption, although there are very few and very rare cases, some may have this reaction. For some people, the consumption of parsley even in small doses is a trigger of an immune response that causes allergy or expression of intoxication. This is thanks to the damage to the filtering apparatus of the kidney caused by parsley, forming kidney stones from kidney failure.

Another of the contraindications of parsley when the dose is very high or, even consuming it in the form of tea, is that it can cause effects on pregnancy from its amenagogue properties. Therefore, its consumption is not recommended if it is not in moderate quantity. Negative effects have also been taken during pregnancy, such as: Dizziness and loss of consciousness Allergy Neurological effects such as hallucinations and time distortion Side effects on the baby during pregnancy The effect on children during pregnancy is quite compromising, since its properties affect directly the baby’s nervous system, causing effects such as.

Anemia in the fetus Increased heart rate Muscle contractions Problems in the development of blood cells Diuretic treatments Due to its powerful diuretic effect, another of the contraindications of parsley is that its excessive consumption in patients with diuretic treatments can cause dehydration.

Pasta in parsley sauce with garlic: for the sauce, blend cream with salt, garlic powder, water and parsley. Heat a frying pan with a tablespoon of oil. It should be moved to prevent it from sticking, then panela cheese is added and the cooked pasta should be integrated.

Parsley juice: a green apple should be peeled and cut into slices, a carrot is cut into slices and added to the blender together with the previously washed bunch of parsley. Add the grated ginger, the juice of a lemon, ice and honey to taste. Add a glass of water, blend and drink. Season the fillets with salt and pepper to taste. Potatoes with garlic and parsley: wash 12 small potatoes well, put them in a saucepan and cover them with water.

They are boiled for 20 minutes, drained and put on a blog. Add two tablespoons of oil and mix. They are cooked in a pan with a little oil, just a minute. Add salt, pepper and parsley and finish cooking for another minute. post navigation.