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400 Photos Of Decorated Nails 2022 – Nail Designs For Hands And Feet

No costume is complete without getting your nails done for carnival. It is the best time of the year to fill your hands with color and.

Recently at iMujer we showed you 13 ways to incorporate glitter into your nail art. Well now that you know how to make your nails shine like.

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From Nenha we want to share with all of you some ideas of decorations to dress your nails for a Christmas party.

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For this reason, in this article, we want to leave you with some manicure ideas that will be very useful at Christmas: Navy blue manicure: A classic for any party.

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To have gel nails, we need a special gel that you can find in online nail art stores and in some hairdressers and beauty salons, as well as nail salons. With this gel, we place a drop on our nail and with the help of a brush we extend it until we create the shape of the nail that we want.

From glitter to gems and other shiny details, to nails completely covered by pearls and other accessories widely used by nail art. Metallic tones are also a trend for gel nails, so bet on a manicure like the one you see above. Perfect for partying, but also for the day. Since we put on gel nails, and we don’t need to wear them for months if we don’t want to, we can choose to put on one that is long enough so that we can wear them.

Also within gel nails, why not, we can choose to wear short nails. In this way we can wear beautiful decorated nails that will not bother us in our day to day. We can choose, for example, nails like the ones you see in the image below, with a beautiful polka dot design that sets this trend. For this reason, these are the false nails that we least recommend, but you can also investigate if this style of nail is that the best goes with you.

Here we can see impossible lengths and impressive decorations. Its maintenance is important to fill in the gaps, since the natural nails grow. Long porcelain nails can look spectacular on you, but we can achieve the same thing if we choose to make them short, as we see in this image. Long, with French manicure and including a small detail like a sticker.

By putting these two ingredients together, a kind of paste is formed that dries in a few minutes and forms our nail. Depending on the technique of the person doing your acrylic nails, they can be as exact as a person’s nails. These nails are highly recommended because they allow us to choose the exact size and shape of the nails we want and they are also very resistant.

For this reason, they have a fairly high price. As for the trends that we will see in acrylic nails, we will see two very different nail models that adapt to the tastes of each person. In the year we will see a clear trend towards the natural, the discreet, the nude. However, nail art continues to grow and evolve and we will also continue to see impossible acrylic nails, with incredible sizes and impressive drawings.

Therefore, we can choose any of the trends in nail decoration. Do not hesitate and bet on soft tones as we have already mentioned. The blues, the corals, the green. Including black, although not for all nails. Look at this beautiful decoration with different shades and stripes. It is perfect for this fall winter. And if you wish you could find some inspiration from a famous. We can not fail to mention Rosalía, since the singer has become the queen of false nails this and specifically of those that are acrylic.

Very long and with all kinds of colors and designs, Rosalía’s nails are always highly commented. To see how acrylic nails look done and some ideas of our favorite designs of the season visit: Photos of acrylic nails Permanent or semi-permanent nails Permanent enamel is only applicable on gel, acrylic or porcelain nails because they are used together with pigment color.

However, if you want to keep your natural nails, we can always resort to semi-permanent nail polish. As for designs, nothing like opting for short nails, whether permanent or semi-permanent and in soft colors like these that you see above in coral color with geometric prints for two of the nails.

Beautiful nails that you will be able to show off for several weeks. Although we can tell you that white is the color, dark colors in earth tones and also metallic and pastel colors. The biggest problem that we can find with white nails is that, if the quality of the nail polish is not optimal, we can have problems when it comes to pigmentation of the nail and that it creates a strange effect on it.

White nails are also matte and are also combined with other colors. Although for it to give us this elegant touch, we must know what we combine it with, so that we do not have a too rocky look if that is not what we are looking for. Black nails are also combined with other trendy colors, such as metallic colors and gold tones. Mirror Nails Mirror nails are definitely the nails of the season. For example, you can paint your nails matte grayish silver and one or two of them, make them silver mirror nails.

This color is widely used on nails, for various reasons. The first of all is that it is a very combinable color with other colors so it can go well with almost any outfit that we wear. Another reason is its elegance. The red color gives a very slender and elegant look to our hands, so it looks great on our manicure.

Likewise, we can also see them combined with metallic tones, especially on dates with Christmas or Valentine’s Day. Purple nails Purple nails are unusual, but we can also find many designs with this color. Depending on the shade of purple that we use, you can find one style or another.

A very nice combination is dark purple with gold because, as we have told you, gold this year is worn with almost any color. It consists of making a nail in the shape of a beak and they are worn very long and false with very extravagant designs. We can find them in all colors, and in all shapes: tiger, leopard, zebra, etc. We will also see some different designs in which animal prints are mixed, for example, leopard and zebra. Don’t forget to try trendy colors this season like burgundy, purple and yellow.

You can see them in colors such as gold or silver but also in other colors as you see in the photo below. Gradient nails Gradient nails are also a must for this Winter season. It consists of mixing two colors on the same nail so that the line that divides them is not visible. For example, we can place a background in a pastel tone such as blue or pink, and on that background make some flowers.

Pink nails Pink nails can be seen throughout this year. As for the combinations of nails with pink, we can see two-tone nails, among which the pink nails with metallic tones stand out and also pink with white or, simply two shades of pink combined. A technique that we are going to appreciate a lot in pink nails, are pink nails with gradient. Matte nails Another of this year’s trends are matte nails. These nails are made with a special nail lacquer that produces this effect.

But if you want to do something with a classy style, you can opt for a print of small colored flowers on all the nails. It depends on the style you want to wear and your outfit. Blue nails Blue nails take us back to the 90s, but now they are renewed. Although wearing blue nails was a thing for teenagers, now we can wear them at any age, depending on the style we give them. Golden nails You are going to love golden nails. They have a very festive and sophisticated touch.

If you prefer, you can also use gold only in the details of the nails. For example, in rhinestones, in dots, stripes, or even pearls. Another combination of gold nails that is popular, for example, is the combination of rhinestones and gold stickers with transparent nails, only with a layer of glitter. Wine-colored nails The wine color is also going to be very fashionable in both nails and fashion, that’s why we couldn’t forget about wine-colored nails In fact, most silver nails are metallic nails, as you can see.

There is also a very nice trend that is metallic silver mirror nails, in which everything we see is reflected. Like gold, silver nails do not have to be silver entirely, but can be silver in details such as rhinestones, lines or dots. Likewise, all the silver details are great for party and celebration occasions, especially those that are made up of silver glitter.

In fact, it is a color that we can see very common in nail designs for autumn winter, because it is a very typical color in that season and, above all, it brings a lot of freshness to our look and our outfits. The coral color can be combined with many colors, depending on the style we are looking for.

For example, if we are looking for an elegant or formal style, coral nails can look great with some details in gold and, if we want to combine it with other colors, we can choose another shade of coral, a beige or nude color or an off-white. For parties and special events, pair it with gold or silver glitter, and even silver mirror nails. Other ideas to combine with tribal nails have to do with alternating the nails that we are going to paint in this way.

Beige nails or Nude nails Beige nails are going to be the cover of almost all fashion magazines. The good thing about these nails is that we can combine them with all kinds of outfits and styles, so they can be a regular for us. Another color that we are going to see, are the green nails in pastel tones. This style of nails, especially we are going to see it in the summer season since it gives us a lot of liveliness and freshness. On the other hand, we are also going to see green nails in October, on the occasion of Halloween, since they can be an ideal background to make some zombie nail designs.

These nails, above all, can be seen in the summer season but also in autumn, since it reminds us of the sea and good weather, so it is not very common to see them in winter. For example, in terms of the drawings, the sailor anchors cannot be missing and with respect to the prints, the stripes are not missing. Orange nails Orange nails are also a nail style that, above all, we will be able to see in summer because of its luminosity and the intensity of the color.

Orange nails are also a very typical Halloween nail style. The reason is because they imitate the orange color of pumpkins and we can make many designs with them. It’s the case of Christmas. If you want to see some of our favorite Christmas nail designs visit: The best Christmas nail designs Halloween nails On Halloween we can also wear our nails decorated to give our costume an extra point, that is, make them match the costume that we carry; or we can simply wear them decorated with some Halloween details such as a drawing of a pumpkin, a zombie, drops of blood or even a spider web.

The best thing for these dates is to take risks with very different and original manicures. They may seem summery to you, but the truth is that they are also a trend now in autumn and winter. Ideal for our anniversaries or for Valentine’s Day as we have already mentioned, and who knows; maybe help us find the perfect partner that we all need.

This type of decoration is usually made with stickers so that we can try to do it ourselves, but it is better that in this case, we spend money on the necessary mold. We have already seen different options for decorated nails for Winter, but we do not want to forget about the feet, so here are our recommendations for decorating the toenails.

Creative decorations also have an effect on the feet.