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"I am Betty the Ugly one": This is how the "Peliteñida" looks, Lorna Cepeda, At Almost 50 Years

Few know that the Colombian actress Lorna Cepeda, remembered for playing the peliteñida Patricia Fernández in ‘Yo soy Betty, la fea’ is Daniela’s mother.

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The figures show that the salaries were quite unequal, as they reveal, Patricia Fernández, better known as ‘La peliteñida’.

More than 19 years have passed since the Colombian actress Lorna Cepeda gave life to Patricia Fernández, ‘La Peliteñida’ in "Yo soy Betty, la fea".

Betty the ugly Lorna Cepeda and Julio Herrera have achieved a great Although they went through a pure lawsuit in the soap opera, Freddy and Patricia.

Lorna Cepeda: what happened to the actress who gave life to Patricia de Betty la fea?

Nicolás arrives at Patricia’s house in episode 62 of Betty La Fea and given her indecision about whether to lend her the money or not, he takes the.

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This woman made the days difficult for Betty, who had to constantly face Patricia’s insults and intrigues. The "peliteñida", as she was known in the novel, was a close friend of Marcela Valencia, Armando’s girlfriend. Character with whom, Betty was completely in love. The TV series was a success, and in fact, many adaptations of it were made. Germany, Belgium, China, Poland were some of the countries that recreated the Colombian success.

Despite the fact that her performance in Betty, la fea made her a recognized character, her first role was in the series Parents and children. After giving life to "la peliteñida", she participated in the series "Desperate Housewives" on Univisión. What they send… hahahahahaha pic. Lorna Cepeda is currently performing shows in streaming format, which is called "Naturally Blonde".

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