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Great Britain lives the postwar. Soldiers return, new revolutions are minted, and criminal gangs are born in a troubled nation. In Birmingham, a gang of street gangsters rise to become kings of the working class.

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Actors and actresses ; Cillian Murphy. Character: Tommy Shelby; Sam Neil. Character: Campbell; Helen McCrory. Character: Aunt Polly Gray ; Annabelle Wallis.

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Actors and actresses ; Cillian Murphy. Character: Tommy Shelby; Helen McCrory. Character: Aunt Polly Gray ; Paul Anderson. Character: Arthur Shelby; Annabelle.

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Cast and characters[edit]; Charlie Strong Finn Shelby; Ned Dennehy Alfie Evans-Meese; Main ยท Main.

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He plays the main character of Tommy Shelby on the show – head of the Shelby crime family and recently appointed Labor MP for Birmingham. Helen McCrory as Polly Gray Helen McCrory is a prolific actress, having worked for many years in film, television, and on stage.

Helen plays Aunt Polly in Peaky Blinders, the matriarch of the family. We know that she had a past life of a man and children and in the series we discover who they are. There’s so much leeway because you can do the kind of obvious brutal stuff, but then you can play the kind of different layers with a violent man.

It was a pleasure to play Arthur Shelby. Although Freddie passed away early in the series, Ada has grown tremendously as a character. Joe is best known for his role on Peaky, but also for an episode of Black Mirror and a recurring role on Pure. I had other projects going and I felt it was the right time to go, really. When they get picked up by other things, we’re not like the American system where you attach the actor for five series early on and they can’t leave.

All our people are free to leave whenever they want. Annabelle Wallis as Grace Shelby, Annabelle Wallis played Grace, initially an undercover spy reporting on Tommy for Inspector Campbell, but they fell in love and she couldn’t continue. When Tommy discovered her betrayal, she married an American and moved there, but returned to the UK in series two to seek fertility treatment.

She and Tommy spent a night of passion together and when she got pregnant, she left her husband and the couple finally got together. Sadly, Grace was killed by the mob in season three, but returned to Tommy as a ghost in season five.

He was brought in by Winston Churchill to retrieve some stolen guns, but things got very messy when he and Tommy fell for Campbell’s mole, Grace… After wreaking havoc on the family during season two, he was finally shocked when Polly shot him in stomach. Sam is probably better known as Dr. Best known for her roles in Misfits, Lip Service, and Jekyll and Hyde, she also had a lead role in Sherlock’s Christmas special as Emelia Ricoletti.

Even those things, when you read the newspapers, the design and prop team have thought of every detail. Ned Dennehy as Charlie Strong Charlie is Tommy and his brothers’ uncle, he works at the shipyard and often helps in their plans along with his assistant Curly; he is believed to be his mother’s brother. Ian Peck as Curly Curly is Charlie’s assistant in the yard. Although not a known relationship to the Shelby family, he is a very loyal and devoted member of the Peaky Blinders.

The characters have never discussed it, but Curly is portrayed as having learning difficulties. When John is murdered by the Changretta family, Esme takes her and John’s children and leaves Birmingham, and has not been seen on the show since.

Finn entered the show during series two, when Tommy was able to locate Polly’s biological son who had been taken from her as a child. Charlotte Riley as May Carleton Tom’s real-life wife, Charlotte Riley, plays May Carleton, a professional trainer and widow, who takes Tommy in as an occasional lover.

It is quite interesting to see the struggle for power. Harry Kirton as Finn Shelby Harry Kirton has played Finn Shelby on the show since series two, taking over the role from Alfie Evans-Meese, who played the role in the first series. As much as he would like to resist, he needs to follow Tommy’s lead to stay alive. Sadly, Aberama was killed off at the end of season five. She is a great chess player, like him. Emmett J. Scanlan has joined the cast of the fifth season of Peaky Blinders as Billy Grade, a footballer turned singer who has caught the attention of the Shelby family.