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We Analyze Peaky Blinders Haircuts

The shelby is a reissued undercut, adapting to new trends. Specifically, instead of downgrading the sides and rear.

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Peaky Blinders style haircuts details of the premiere in February of the new season of "reality show" Fashion "Cut and confection.

Thomas Shelby, Arthur, Finn or Michael? Tell us what type of hair or face you have and we’ll tell you which Peaky Blinder can inspire your haircut.

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Ever since Peaky Blinders took over our screens in , the Peaky Blinders haircut has always been a topic of discussion.

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The Peaky Blinders haircut is taking the men’s hair scene by storm. As the star of the hit TV show Peaky Blinders.

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Arthur Shelby

Let’s take a look at the looks of Tommy, Arthur and John Shelby. Tommy Shelby The Tommy Shelby cut is an achievable look for almost everyone because the barber can mold it to any hair type. Blow-drying is everything to perfect the Tommy Shelby haircut: Use a skeleton comb while blow-drying to pin it to the side for that sexy curve in the front hair.

Arthur Shelby Arthur’s cut has more length and solidity on top. Between the shaved and the long part, they leave a small section of short hairs, which they make as a quilt so that the upper part does not fall to the sides. To add a spark of shine and extra hold, you can finish the look with flexible pomade. John Shelby John Shelby’s cut is the most aggressive on a visual level.

The great contrast between wearing the hair almost shaved on the sides and long on top is what makes this look special. How to style your hair Peaky Blinders It’s totally feasible to go to the hairdresser and say you want a Peaky Blinders haircut. I recommend you show several photos to your hairdresser BEFORE your appointment in case he has not seen the program and thus, you can choose between the two a Peaky style that suits your hair type well.