Peel Tomatoes

How to Peel Tomatoes

Fill a deep saucepan with water and bring it to a boil.

Peeling tomatoes with a knife is not an easy task. To have good ones you have to dedicate a lot of time to them and, even so, there are no guarantees that we can.

We submerge them in the boiling water and leave them seconds.

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We remove them with a slotted spoon and put them quickly under a stream of cold water.

How to peel tomatoes | How to remove the skin of tomatoes | very healthy

How to peel tomatoes. Blanching · While the water is heating, place the tomatoes on a board and apply a cross cut on the base of the tomato.


Cold water and hot water 1 sharp knife We are in the middle of tomato season and I get a lot of questions by email, most of them asking me for a video on how to peel tomatoes already published on Youtube. If the tomato is of quality we find almost gourmet dishes, very simple.

At home there is nothing that we like as much as a simple tomato salad with fresh cheese, not to mention the innumerable sauces that we can make with it. How to peel tomatoes. We leave a tupper or large bowl with water in the fridge and if you have room in the freezer, we need the water to be very cold.

Another option would be to put the water with ice cubes. The contrast between hot and cold water causes the skin of the tomato to separate from the meat. That is why it is very important that this contrast is very sharp and that is why we must make sure that the hot water is boiling and that the cold water is ice cold.

While the water is heating, place the tomatoes on a board and apply a cross cut on the base of the tomato. When the water is at full temperature and all the bubbles come out, add the tomatoes and leave them in the boiling water for seconds.

You have to be very precise when controlling the time, otherwise the superficial part of the tomato would be cooked. Cool and remove the skin. We take the tomatoes out of the cold water and separate where we see that the skin has opened. We just have to pull it off completely. In this way you already have the tomatoes completely peeled.

It would be necessary to remove the hard part of the middle and we would have them ready to cook. If we are going to use them for a salad, do not forget to do this process beforehand, leave the tomatoes in the fridge so that they cool properly before eating them.

Another example where we must peel the tomato is when we cut it into concassé or concasser. A way of chopping the ingredient into squares with an approximate size of 0.5 centimeters on each side and without skin or seeds, so it is a cut larger than the one called brunoise. This type of cut is usually used to prepare sauces, salads, tortillas, pizzas or appetizers.

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