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3 Tips To Achieve A Perfect Cat Eye Eyeliner Without Wasting Time

I think that the importance of eyeliner is totally related to its precision, if you choose to make one with liquid eyeliner it should be perfect and.

Discover the best eyeliner tips and dazzle your looks with the Studio Look eyeliner. Let no type of delineation stop them.

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EYEBROW, EYE AND LIPS OUTLINE (MICROPIGMENTATION) looks even more beautiful with a permanent eyeliner, be the envy of your friends.

Below in BioBioChile we present the most recurrent problems when it comes to outlining our eyes. Border. you love to outline yourself.

3 tips to achieve a perfect ‘cat eye’ eyeliner without wasting time

Discover the best eyeliner tips and dazzle your looks with the Studio Look eyeliner. Let no type of delineation stop them.

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Source: freepik Yes, let’s not lie to each other, to have achieved a perfect Cat Eye eyeliner we had to have spent many hours looking like a raccoon in front of the mirror. So don’t worry if you still don’t feel confident with your technique. And the Fox Eye that became a trend for being the favorite among the top models of the moment, such as Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, since it makes your look look torn or almond-shaped.

Mirror, vital that you are in a lighted place and that you have a good mirror to see yourself. Source: freepik A shaky hand can be the worst enemy of a good eyeliner, so it is best that before starting you sit in a lighted and comfortable place in front of your dressing table. Always rest your elbow on a flat surface and when you take the eyeliner, rest your little finger on your cheek to try to stabilize your hand.

Choose a technique with which you can guide your outline Draw a line or several lines that you can follow so as not to make mistakes in your outline. You can also help yourself with elements such as a spoon, an adhesive tape, or the edge of a card that serve as a guide at the end of the stroke so that it is as you want it.

This step works as long as you want a thin and understated eyeliner. Guide yourself by the end of your eyebrow Take as a guide the end of your eyebrow for the length of your eyeliner. Source: freepik To get an idea of ​​how far you can go with your eyeliner stroke, try to make it go in the direction of how your eyebrow ends.

This is where you can help yourself with the tape or the edge of a card to make the line straight. Erase mistakes with a cotton swab Clean eyeliner errors with a cotton swab and a little makeup remover.

Depending on the length and thickness of the tip of the Cat Eye, you can use it for various occasions and times of the day. For his part, between him and him, the Fox Eye became a trend, which made you look elongated or almond-shaped, since some top models were in charge of taking it from the catwalks to their daily lives.

This eyeliner is characterized by having two points, one in the tear duct and the other at the end of the eye. Generally for this outline, thin brushes and dark brown or black shadows are used.