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How to Shape Your Eyebrows

We teach you how to make up your eyebrows and obtain a natural one with well-shaped, defined and populated eyebrows. Do not miss this beauty guide!

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Eyebrows are the perfect complete makeup. Microshading, the new trend for thick eyebrows. The novel technique is a fusion.

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Create the perfect frame. Look at your eyebrows, brush them up, design the shape you want and identify the gaps that need to be covered. But.

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The key to making your thick and bushy eyebrows look lasts up to 72 hours! Perfect to forget about care for a few days!.

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Pinterest Getty Images There’s a photo from my high school yearbook of me sitting in the library and flipping through a book in a faded child-sized undershirt, this is what the boys looked like. Although it didn’t exactly have the best framing, it sticks in my memory; and not so much out of nostalgia for my younger years, but because that was the first time I remember having plucked my eyebrows a lot.

I had recently bought a custom magnifying mirror for such a meticulous task and I began to remove those leftover hairs from my naturally high eyebrows. In the end, I left them with a shape so fine and so pointy that it looked like an evil stepmother from Disney. But when I later moved to New York in the early ’90s, I got a big lesson from an impromptu date with Manhattan’s top brow expert, Jimena Garcia: "You should grow your eyebrows", told me. That ‘letting go’ can position you on the side of the better Olsen twin or Kaia Gerber, which is an added incentive.

Such as, for example, applying a growth serum, such as RevitaBrow, to possible bald spots; or use Boy Brow-type gel dye, Glossier’s excellent filler. But all of a sudden, the sky opened up for me: During an event in Midtown, I was messing around with different products through the YouCam Makeup virtual makeup app, and a technician applied one of the default brow filters to, he said, "complete my look".

It was a thin, flat, dull line compared to the thick, wild frond that I can now proudly call ‘my eyebrows’. Lily Collins.