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Basic Care Of A Duck; Would you have it as a pet??

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Basic care of a duck; would you have it as a pet?

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Pathotherapy If you want a duck as a pet you should know that they are sociable, loyal, loving animals and can be very pleasant pets. Children like to play with them, but they need to live in a garden or a house with a patio, they are not suitable for a flat. For a long time these little animals have been treated irresponsibly, there are many ducklings that are only a few days old and given to children and when they grow up they are abandoned or sacrificed. By acquiring a duck you assume a moral responsibility as with any other pet, to protect, care for, feed and offer living conditions with well-being and without suffering.

For this reason, you must have space both when it is small and when it becomes an adult duck. Better in a group It is a mistake to force a duck to live alone, they are very sociable and it is correct to have at least two, they like to live in pairs or groups. Very sensitive, they mourn when their companions die. They are very showy and enjoy preening their feathers and spreading their beautiful plumage before potential mates. Like many other social animals, they use complex body language as well as various vocalizations to communicate.

Dr De Rijke chose to study ducks because they have a good sense of humor, just like humans. The seeds of wheat, corn, barley, rice, oats, sorghum, whole or in flour, provide quality carbohydrates. The fat is found in sunflower seeds and peanuts.

A very comfortable option is to give it a specific feed for this bird. Do not be scared if you see that it eats pebbles, it needs them to grind the food in the gizzard. Take care that it has, therefore, access to small pebbles. Bathrooms and drinking fountain When he is little, put a dish with water within his reach to play.

Install a retrofit system or replace all the daily water and build a ramp that allows you to get in and out comfortably. Water is essential for ducks, they need it to wash their food and clean the vent holes in their beak.

A duck can defecate in the drinking water if you do not have a pool or pond. The echo For a long time it was said that the quack of the duck had no echo, the myth is false. What is certain is that the echo of the squawking of these birds is hardly perceptible by the human ear, especially in open spaces. Pathotherapy Even a simple duck can help a child in need.

The boy named him Ming-Ming. Doctors find no logical explanation for Finlay’s improvement, who not only chases a duck, but exercises every day with the help of a walker. Now Finlay and Ming-Ming are an inseparable couple.

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