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The actor, musician and activist Aidan Gallagher became famous in a very short time He also features the small appearance of Aidan Gallagher.

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Aidan Gallagher is one of the "The Umbrella Academy", who started acting when he was very young.

Aidan Gallagher, much more than Number 5 – The Umbrella Academy – Spoiler Time

Aidan Gallagher received his 18 years with an excellent work present. Currently, it is "The Umbrella Academy".

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Interested from an early age in direction and production, Aidan would work from the age of eight with a group of friends recording stop motions with Legos and some action short films. At nine and with the support of his family, he began to make his way in acting, participating in some works and other projects of his father, who apparently works in the film industry.

But, without a doubt, his greatest role has been that of 5 in the Umbrella Academy, a 58-year-old adult trapped in the body of a child who returns from the future to save the world from the apocalypse. We all know he’s an actor, but it hasn’t always been his biggest goal in life.

In fact, he is also a talented singer-songwriter who plays the guitar. He has also released music videos on his YouTube channel. Since then, he has served as a youth advocate for several environmental organizations, including the Waterkeeper Alliance, WildAid, and the Oceanic Preservation Society. Children, both teenagers, with a force that goes beyond the screen: Cinco’s on Netflix, Aidan’s on a YouTube channel.

Specifically, out of the seven brothers, he is the one with the ability to travel through time and space. He told me that because all the pollution is dragged into the ocean and causes infection. In a question and answer ping pong with his followers, Aidan explains to them about his beginnings in the movement to fight global warming and the link between this and the decision to be vegan.

His potential voice was perceived by the UN and he was appointed as a goodwill ambassador for the agency’s environmental department. Child idol on Nickelodeon. With The Umbrella Academy the self-imposed rigor of the actor was greater. He knew the comic on which the series is based, he considered himself a fan and, like him, he knew that there were many people attentive to the finish on the screen, ready to judge, ready to praise, ready to criticize. Aidan composes, plays guitar, piano. He is a prodigy boy wherever you look at him.