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45 Great Ideas Imitating Tumblr Photos Alone

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The best Tumblr photos to imitate alone As we already said, if you decide to take the photos at home, try to have good lighting in.

ago – In this board you will find simple photos that you can take for yourself or another social network without having to leave the comfort of your.

About 14 photos to imitate at home for quarantine with your cell phone or camera. To get through this situation in a more productive way.

45 Cool Ideas Imitating Alone Tumblr Photos | Information images

Tumblr Photos at Home to Imitate. Feb – Explore Nayra’s board "photos to imitate" on Pinterest. Found Inside – Page.

The best Tumblr photos to imitate alone

Next, in tune, we present you 45 great ideas imitating Tumblr photos alone. Here are the best Tumblr photos to imitate alone. It is important that you know that Tumblr allows neat, careful photos; but it does not mean that the possibilities can be varied.

In the first place, choose a good place, which draws attention for its relative lack of chaos, since the important thing is that it serves as a secondary landscape in front of your pose or figure. The idea is to do a photo session. Ideally, you use natural light, although, as we said, if you decide to take the photos at home, try to have good lighting in the location you pose. You can smile, stare, mischievous, serious, directly at the target or anywhere.

The ideal is that you have fun and feel relieved when taking the photos. It is that Tumblr exudes a sense of freedom totally removed from the fixed and contracted. The details always add up: a flower, smoke, colors, even, as seen in the image, some beautiful heart-shaped balloons.

Casual clothing or as it is called in English outfit is very good for this kind of photos. A normal dress, jeans, sneakers, hats, etc. The hair should look good, but it should not be exaggerated either: you can tie it up, use braids, pigtails, knots, etc. Naturally, it should be neat and tidy. If the photos are going to be focused on you and your face, make-up be an important component. A face that is not overloaded, but also one that does not show great imperfections, can give the right touch of sobriety that any kind of Tumblr photography aspires to.

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