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“I want you to be always with me and I don’t want you to lack anything, I already know why I love you, because you are home. You are my home, my home, my sweet home, my.

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And if you have a happy family, there is no place like home to be totally comfortable and calm. A good home is also necessary for good health and.

And if you have a happy family, there is no place like home to be totally comfortable and calm. A good home is also necessary for good health and.

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5. "Home, the most blessed place on earth, A place dearer and sweeter than all others.". Robert Montgomery. 6.

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Home phrases Is it possible that my house is a person and not a place? · I thought I was creating a home, when I was only building a house. · But.

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Reflections of the phrases of home.

Gmail Home is that space that awaits us every day, that fills us with peace and tranquility. Where we get shelter from danger, and where we stay when we want to be alone. home is everything. But some sometimes do not find peace even in their homes and do not give it the value it deserves. Because as human beings we need to be alone from time to time.

It is not about living hand in hand with loneliness either, but from time to time it is good to have a place to clear our minds and clarify our thoughts. In the comfort of home. That place that gives us the opportunity to do everything we want without being judged, a place without limits, and with many options to be with ourselves. The best thing is when we can dedicate it to valuing it, because not everyone does.

Some complain about the home they have, they do not take advantage of or see the good side of their space. Our love is home, and home may be abandoned by our feet but never by our hearts. Live in the shelter of your heart and always call it home. A home without books is like a body without a soul. Home is the best of schools, not only in youth but also in old age. The happy man is the one who, being a king or a peasant, finds peace in his home.

My home… is my way. Home is the place where I shelter sorrows and joys. Fame and money don’t bring happiness. If you don’t have a happy home they don’t mean a thing. The best moments of my life have been those that I have enjoyed at home, within my family. spring at home. There is nothing and yet there is everything.

The mother is the home where we come from, nature, the soil, the ocean; the father does not represent such a natural home. I became a man in a very strict home in which no one was allowed to roam for their respects. Kennedy Peace and war begin in the home. If we really want there to be peace in the world, let’s start by loving each other within our own families. If we want to sow joy around us, we need every family to live happily.

There is nothing like home. The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of the non-essential. In reducing the problems of philosophy to just a few: the enjoyment of home, of life, of nature, of culture. This castle belongs to my family. It belonged to my ancestors several centuries before I was born and I don’t want to see it in the hands of people who want to plant conifers in their old forest. My home is any place where I am with my family, a quiet place, a non-violent place.

Home is watching the moon rise over the sleeping wasteland and having someone to call to come to the window and be with you. Home should be the sacred refuge of life. If home can’t be where you’re from, then it’s what you make of where you’re going. Not where you’re from, but where you’re needed. This is our home and the end of our journey. Thought is a bridge that connects the human with the Divine.

Your body, your business, your home, are just ideas inside your mind. A house is not a home unless it contains the food and fire of the mind as well as the body. She is my love, I will not leave her, this is my home. Your mother is my home. The desert was my home throughout my childhood, I herded my father’s herd of camels and goats.

The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home. heaven is home. utopia is here. Nirvana is now. I know it hurts ladies to hear this, but if you marry, you have accepted leadership from a man, your husband. Christ is the head of the home, and the husband is the head of the wife, and that’s the way it is, period.

And the heart cried from home to the seductive memory… But finally at your feet I fell surrendered with divine illusion; and the living holocaust I consumed on that day for your love, and crying I told you: I’m going now, I’m all yours… — Aurelio Espinosa Pólit The spirit of childhood is not a glass that we have to fill, but a home that we must warm. It is losing myself in your eyes and finding a home, it is having you by my side every morning when I wake up, seeing the rain fall wrapped in your arms with the hope of being loved.

This influence of home and family carries over into the school experience. In it, students discover early that, as at home, to achieve certain satisfactions they must adapt to the precepts that are established vertically. And one of these precepts is not to think. Having a place to go is a home. Having someone to love is a family. Having both is a blessing. Even the destitute Roman was proud to be able to say civis romanus sum; Rome and the Empire were his family, his home, his world.

And then a real man enters the scene, strong to the point of weakness, who falls victim to her siren charms and forgets the ties of home, normal results, enjoying the smile of his beloved. A man travels around the world to find what he needs and returns home to find it.

The body of man is not a home, but an inn, and this for a short time. There is nothing like home and family to be truly comfortable. The family must be the first school in the national educational cycle. The school should be a home for children and youth. Parents should be teachers of their children. Teachers should be a little parents of their students. He blesses our land and our home year after year. Books are not made to serve as decoration: however, there is nothing that embellishes the interior of the home as much as they do.

Let us give the beggar the bread he asks of us, the orphan a home, the prisoner freedom. Christmas! The word itself fills our hearts with joy. When Christmas day comes, the same warmth that we felt when we were children comes to us, the same warmth that surrounds our heart and our home. Christmas….. Never let the fantasies disappear, the holidays are never at home. And let the iconoclasts beware.

Jean Cocteau already warned: The risk of a destroyer of statues is to become a. Make your home a supportive environment. Home is where the heart lives. It was very strange for her to be a stranger walking through a place that had been her home, to be an infiltrator where she once had the right to go wherever she wanted. The wooden buildings were different.

If there is one place on the face of the earth where all men’s dreams have found a home from the first day of man’s existence, it is India… — Romain Rolland His true home for women is society, politics , and the revolution. They make women inferior, it’s not that they were born that way.

Religion and the prevailing system have relegated it to women. Don’t be too long away from home. If you are a benefactor and can maintain your home, love your wife and your home as indicated by good customs… Make her happy while you live, since she is productive land for her master. If in fact she harbored any doubts, Dr. Alec’s gaze dissipated it without the need for words, at the time in which the man opened his arms and the girl lay down in them, convinced that her home was there.

The chains and walls of the home are not clearly seen, they are almost always invisible, although no less real or insurmountable. A dimple in the grave turns that fierce room into a home. I haven’t found a home either. Autumn afternoon. Homecoming: Never had such a flood of flowers welcomed me…

field vibrations. Where the path always took me, a fire gave shelter, but I never knew what a country and a home are. To say that preliminaries serve to prepare intercourse is to draw our sexuality as children draw a home; with a stroke and a red roof. The society of technoscience and knowledge sent us into exile, stole from us the feeling of a home and a country and mainly our ability to be moved, to cry, to laugh with pleasure and to be passionate about nature and life.

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