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First images of Stranger Things 4 circulate. Despite the delays in the recordings due to the pandemic, it seems that this new.

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Michael "Mike" Wheeler is one of the main characters in the Netflix original series, Stranger Things. Michael is played by Finn Wolfhard.

Stranger Things 3: Promotional photos of the third season Finn Wolfhard – Mike Wheeler – Stranger Things 1 MT – Signed A4 Autograph Reproduction Photo : Home & Kitchen.

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Love is in the air with Stranger Things.

The almost 5 and a half minute video is a compilation of the best moments of the relationship that arose between Mike and the girl with psychic abilities. From the first chapters of the first season, the connection that was established between the two was evident.

Despite the many interdimensional dangers and all the strange things that happen within the Upside Down and around Hawkins, its creators, the Duffer brothers, have made a space for love within the series. Although love is breathed through the air in Stranger Things, friendship has also been one of the great pillars that have welcomed the plot.

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