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Pink Hair Dye: 5 Ways To Wear It Successfully In 2022

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To obtain the expected hair color, we recommend using the Zelos Novaplex treatment when applying the dye.

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Pink hair: this is how you can get it (whether you have it clear or not) – Bulevar Sur

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Home Beauty Pink hair: this way you can achieve it whether you have it clear or not Pink hair: this way you can achieve it whether you have it clear or not you have to know that not all options involve compromising your hair.

In fact, in some cases, it has even unexpectedly positioned itself as a "best seller" of this quarantine. Brands like Kristin Ess, for example, were surprised. Thus, for the undecided, there are options such as hair makeup that, like any makeup, disappears after the first wash, or "wash-out" dyes, which last a few washes.

And, for repeat offenders, full color temporary tints. It is a "dye" that is applied directly to clean, dry hair. You just have to let it dry again with or without the help of the dryer to brush it and check the results.

Therefore, they color the hair without penetrating the hair fiber and without damaging it, as traditional colorations would do. They disappear with washing, between 2 and 10, depending on the color and format of the product. We can find options in gel, but also in mask, which combine color and treatment. That’s why they also color the hair less intensely: you notice when you apply a dye from the supermarket at home and you never get the tone that you see in the image on the box.

This type of permanent dyes are capable of covering gray hair completely by penetrating the hair fiber. This means applying bleach to get a totally clear base on which to apply the pink dye. It does not matter if we opt for a temporary or a permanent dye.

We will only obtain truly visible results in those strands that have been lightened, for example, if we already have wicks previously. When it comes to integrating pink into dark hair, the trend option is to use the “balayage” technique to color the hair from the middle to the ends, saturating the ends of the hair with the pink tone. In this way we manage to preserve part of the hair, while we illuminate and change our image completely.