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Superman And The Different Kinds Of Kryptonite

From when the pink kryptonite turned Superman gay · Red: it turns him bad, can cause loss of powers, suffers bodily alterations, can even.

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Everyone knows what green kryptonite does to the Man of Steel, but there are other variants of this fictional mineral that.

pink kryptonite[edit]. She debuted in Supergirl (vol. 4) #79 (April). Pink Kryptonite Apparently Converts Kryptonians.

Kryptonite is a mineral from Krypton that generates different effects. The famous Pink Kryptonite only existed in an alternate continuity.

When Pink Kryptonite Made Superman Gay | DC Comics

6-Pink Kryptonite. Despite its only appearance, it is one of the most famous given its bizarre effects on Superman. Exposure to their radiation, make.

Pinterest Kryptonite. What power does the word have?. Over the decades the term is already part of our language. On rare occasions a term from the world of comics transcends general culture. But for Kryptonians it is extremely dangerous. The different types of radiation of kryptonite are manifested in the mineral through its color, with different effects on kryptonians depending on the color of the mineral.

Not to mention that it was one of the cornerstones of the Smallville series. In this article we are going to try to collect the types of kryptonite that have appeared over the decades. As well as its effects on the children of Krypton. Said effects are those of the loss of powers, the weakening, causing physical pain on the Kryptonian.

Adventure Comics This kryptonite was originally green kryptonite, which, passing through a red radioactive cloud, varies its radiation spectrum and transforms into red kryptonite. It is difficult to classify. For a long time, it was a kind of wild card for the screenwriter on duty. Some of the effects they have produced are: Turn evil, this is possibly the most remembered.

Loss of all kinds of inhibitions. Produce physical modifications. loss of powers. He even managed to transform Superman into a dragon. Effects of Red Kryptonite 3-Blue Kryptonite. Superman Created in a laboratory from green kryptonite. It turned out to be the equivalent of green, but for the bizarre. In pure logic if it harms the bizarre it benefits the Kryptonians. In later stages, its effects on the bizarros was to develop their intelligence.

In the Smallville series, this kryptonite had the same effect on Lex Luthor as it did on Superman. Adventure Comics August Causes the exposed Kryptonian to lose their powers, as this Kryptonite’s radiation neutralizes the Kryptonian cells’ ability to absorb the light force of a yellow sun.

Supergirl Vol. Exposure to their radiation causes the feminine feelings of Kryptonians to emerge. Action Comics Has no effect on Kryptonians, however its radioactivity affects any plant life destroying it. This variety is the result of some pieces of the mineral passing through a mystical white cloud. Another of the artificial kryptonites, this time created by Mr. Its effect is to deprive Kryptonians of their super strength.

Brave and the Bold June This is another artificial variant of green kryptonite. As its name suggests, what this kryptonite does is produce a slowdown in both Kryptonians and humans. Action Comics March Known by either of 2 names. The kryptonite gem. Amplifies the mental powers of Kryptonians. Kryptonite Kryptonite Jewel 6 Kryptonite X. Action Comics Supergirl, in her attempt to find a cure for green kryptonite, experimented on a piece of it.

The consequence of the experiment was kryptonite X. Prolonged exposure to it caused Supergirl’s cat to develop superpowers. She is to blame for the death of the Kryptonians of Argo City.