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Water Marbled Nails. Show off an original and fun manicure.

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Water marbled nails. Show off an original and fun manicure. – We’re beautiful

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You may have seen actresses, singers or celebrities with very original designs on their nails in abstract, geometric shapes, colored spirals, etc. The technique to marble your nails is very simple and fun: it consists of mixing nail polishes of various colors in a container of water and creating a swirl with the desired shape. Then, you must introduce your nails and wait a few seconds for them to dye the chosen colors. It should be said that the marbled nail technique can be used both on false nails and on your natural nails.

Pour a drop of the chosen glaze, then another of the following and so on, creating concentric circles. Wrap your finger in a bit of tape to avoid staining it and gently insert your fingernail into the mixture. Remove the rest of the enamel that floats in the container and surround your finger with the help of the toothpick.

Wait a few seconds for the nail polish to adhere well and remove the remains that remain on the edges with a little acetone. In these two videos we leave you two manicure proposals with marbled water nails. Surely everyone thinks that you have gone to a beauty center to get this manicure.