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Pirates Of The Caribbean: Top 10 Characters Introduced After The First Movie

Orlando BloomWill Turner.

Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides-Jack Sparrow and Angelica Teach Pirates of the Elizabeth Swann / Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

A Quiet Place 2 Premiere Netflix

Keira Knightley-Elizabeth Swann.

Stellan Skarsgard – William "Bootstrap Bill" Turner.

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Bill Nighy – Davy Jones.

Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans

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Part of what made them different was the introduction of some pivotal characters. That included villains, fellow pirates, and some characters who weren’t even fully human. They all left an impact on the franchise as a whole. The story to bring them back involved his son, Henry Turner Brenton Thwaites, who was trying to find a way to break his father’s curse on the Flying Dutchman.

Bringing him to life on screen would be a tall order, but McShane did well in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Blackbeard sought out the Fountain of Youth to prevent his prophesied death. It was also quite shocking to see that he had put the Black Pearl in a bottle.

Along with her complex relationship with her father, Angelica was also a former lover of Jack Sparrow. That made every scene he was a part of during On Stranger Tides conflict-filled and highly entertaining. Her bond with Jack played a big part in her decisions, even in his near death. Although Jack tricked Blackbeard into sacrificing himself to save her, Angelica still charmed revenge, so Jack abandoned her on a desert island.

Defiant to the end, tried to trick him and shoot him. Although this was not a well-received movie, the character’s return would probably be a welcome one. Instead it’s just someone you should absolutely hate. Unlike other bad guys, Beckett has no special powers.

He is just the chairman of the East India Trading Company and a mastermind who uses politics and cunning wits to outsmart everyone. He even has Davy Jones under his control in the third movie. His death was brilliantly filmed as viewers watched him realize his perfect plan had failed. He only appeared in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End and did not survive the movie.

Yun-fat’s performance brought a charisma to the role that made him stand out. She began to have feelings for Henry after he saved her from execution when she was believed to be a witch. It earned Salazar the nickname "El Matador del Mar".

His rage, thirst for revenge and Bardem’s performance made Salazar a great character. At first, she was just someone with the means to help Jack with his Davy Jones problem, but her role expanded in a big way in World’s End. He was part of the Black Pearl crew but did not participate in the Jack Sparrow mutiny and was also the father of Will Turner. He debuted in Dead Man’s Chest when he gave Davy Jones’s message to Jack. From then on, he met his son in the crew of the Flying Dutchman and we shared heartwarming scenes together.

Even when Will replaces Jones, Bootstrap decided to remain part of the crew so he could make up for lost time with his son. Even though he had to do Beckett’s bidding, Jones was still a menace who fought everyone who got in his way.

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