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Pirates of the Caribbean: Best and Worst Moments of the Saga

Characters from Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge with the entire Caribbean pirate family. SYNOPSIS Captain Jack Sparrow is hunted.

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fictional characters of Captain Jack Sparrow, the blacksmith Will Turner and the aristocrat Elizabeth Swann, as well as their confrontations with the main characters.

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It had everything that already has us on our toes: Reliable old Jack Sparrow, barnacle Javier Bardem, pirates, grotesque ghosts and great fights.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Best and worst moments | Cinema PREMIERE

The actor, who plays Jack Sparrow in the film saga, commented on how he feels after his departure from the franchise. look what he said!

Sea monsters, cursed pirates and a lot of Jack Sparrow…

Jack Sparrow is a specialist in piracy, but also in generating problems. That is why we present you a selection of the best and worst moments of the Pirates of the Caribbean saga. We are inclined towards his first appearance in The Curse of the Black Pearl, with the pirate arriving in a battered ship at Port Royal, where he intends to get hold of another ship to depart in search of new adventures. The work of the Australian has been memorable throughout the franchise, but it is especially highlighted in The Curse of the Black Pearl.

Difficult to choose his best moment: when he reveals his curse to the naive Elizabeth Swann or when he is surprised by the also cursed Jack Sparrow in the middle of the final battle. The first was spectacular, but the second was simply glorious, with the crew of the Black Pearl fighting fiercely to stop the creature.

But Gore Verbinski preferred to condemn him to oblivion with an infamous decision: annihilate him out of frame. The first meeting between the two characters is among the unforgettable moments of the franchise, with the treacherous pirate employing all kinds of tricks to escape and a noble blacksmith struggling to block his path.

It didn’t match the greatness of The Curse of the Black Pearl, but it also didn’t repeat the mistakes of At World’s End and ended up stuck somewhere in the middle of the pitfall. The best example is the sequence of the abyss, where the third play their destiny with a Russian roulette that aims to merge drama and comedy. However, the moment becomes boring by being unnecessarily extended. BEST: Family Reunion Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, The post-credits scene of At World’s End revealed the anticipated reunion between Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann and their young son, but Sailing Dark Waters offered no new details about the pirate.

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