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Horoscope: What Does the Full Moon In Pisces Hold For You According To Your Sign?

People with the Moon in Pisces are very compassionate, generous and dedicated. They have an uncanny sense of what is really going on inside the.

New Moon. Feb 23 16 32 Pisces. First quarter Mar 2 20 57 Gemini. full moon. Mar 9 18 47 Virgo. Last Quarter Mar 16 10 34 Sagittarius. New Moon.

People with a moon in Pisces are dreamers, idealists and very romantic. They have a very developed sense of perception, in such a way that sometimes they.

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Under the sign of Pisces Mutable sign of the Water element, a combination that can indicate weakness, for being a receptive and unstable sign.

Horoscope: What does the full moon in Pisces hold for you according to your sign? | The Province Group

The Moon enters Pisces and affects all zodiac signs.

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