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Types Of Pitbull Dogs – Discover All The Details And Myths Of This Breed

staffordshire bull terrier.

Breed American Pitbull Terrier or APBT in its acronym. It is from this moment that we can start talking about the types of pit dog breeds.

american staffordshire terrier.

american bully.

What are the Types of Pitbulls? – List of ALL Pitbulls [+ Photos]

The American Pit Bull Terrier is a dog breed from the United States that originated with the arrival of English immigrants who brought the Staffordshire bull terrier, imported from the United Kingdom in the 19th century.His life expectancy is

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What are the official names of the different types of Pitbull dogs??

In order to be classified as a pitbull, those dogs must meet all the characteristics of one of these two regimens. Its tail ends in a point and must comply with being long and low. The modifications accounts in this part since they are prohibited. There are currently several types of pit bulls and they are the result of the mixture of bulldogs and terriers in their European and small form, while the large ones start from the American Starffordashire Terrier.

American Pitbull Terrier It is considered as the original, it is said that its type was used in past times for clandestine battles and for the control of cattle. As ironic as it sounds, they are not American, in fact, their roots are attributed to the English Bull Terrier and Bull Baiting. They weigh between 15 to 28 kg. It should be noted that this pit bull has descendants such as the Waterford, Galt, Colby and Ofrn, in those days there was no knowledge about the pedigree but the reproduction was maintained with dogs that resembled or were of the same breed.

Since the 19th century, the American Terrier acquired everything for which it stands out today. Of course, when arriving in the United States, the breed began to separate from its English origins. Little by little they began to gain popularity in American society and it was Chauncy Bennet, founder of the Unoted Kennel Club, who registered these dogs as ‘Pitbull Terriers’. This was all an uproar since the AKC did not accept inclusion in pits in the past. and the fights.

After 15 years they were accepted by the American Dog Breeder Association. It has the English Bulldog and English Terrier in its three colors as ancestors. The physical activity that is recommended for them is a high proportion, they usually live from 12 to 14 years and their weight varies between 25 to 45kg.

They are usually ideal for large families. Something interesting about this breed is that they can suffer from depression if they spend a lot of time alone, other conditions that they can suffer from are hip dysplasia, sexual development disorders or even progressive retinal atrophy due to their genes. A very interesting fact was the case of Stubby, an American Staffordshire terrier who received the title of sergeant in the First World War.

Their intertwining was obtained looking for a temperament adaptable to a family without losing the robust essence that qualifies them. It is almost impossible to be confused with the carriers of their gene since they stand out at a glance, their influence is so great that outside of the United States that in Europe an organization was created in order to protect them and safeguard their breed, this is the European Bully Kenne Club. with offices in France, Switzerland, Malta, Holland, Italy and Belgium. Its size is 35 to 43 cm with a weight of 45 to 53 kg, its life expectancy reaches 10 to 12 years, like its ancestors, it needs continuous exercise, it needs early socialization, like any dog. , in order to become social.

His name is related to those fights in the fields called ‘bull-baiting dogs’, these fights consisted of the participation of a bull or any cattle to choose against our Bulldog. In the eighteenth century they were exported to the United States by the working class in order to help them perform tasks that required a large labor force.

Over time, it was adopted as a dog for country families due to its agility in catching wild boars or scaring away intruders, together with its great affection and devotion to its owners. After the Second World War the breed was almost extinct, ironically just when its recognition as a prestigious breed began.

It was John D. Johnson a veteran who with Alan Scott began a new recovery and breeding program for this species, maintaining a health care system for the breed. They are of the athletic and muscular type, the ‘originals’ or those that enter the initial table have button-shaped ears, if they are raised they would not be considered entirely authentic.

Like their cousins, they do not tolerate loneliness as it could lead to depression or anxiety. He is polite, friendly and intelligent. Staffordshire Bull Terrier The so-called ‘nanny dog’ weighs between 15 kg to 18 kg and measures 48 cm in males and in females the average weight is 13 kg to 15 kg while its height is 45 cm, its colors favorites are reddish, black, fawn, white, bluish black, brindle but with white and white only.

He is tall and distinctly wide with a remarkably stocky pit bull musculature, his jaw is usually square and remarkable, he is the best combination of strength and agility. Its history was born in Greece and then moved to England, the Molossians were previously used for war taking advantage of their great size, strength and voracity, this specific breed was the favorite of Darius and Henry VII of England being highly trained to just follow orders of their masters and be like stones in front of others.

Its crossing is with the Bulldog and Terriers breed, these crosses were given to take the form of a smaller dog that was agile and at the same time fast despite its stocky figure. Thus the next generation would be assured of a lineage of pela. The law began to comply with the prohibition of street fights in order to curb violence in canines.

Times changed and in the United States the breed had become popular in the working class, they were known for their strength but also for the great devotion that these creatures had. Some time later, the AKC accepted them as an official breed of pit bulls under the name of Staffordshire Terrier.

Pit bulls, not being a breed as such but a group of dogs, tend to be confused with other breeds that, despite having certain characteristics or similarities, are apart. Presa canario: it is a breed of dog of Spanish origin that is characterized by its strength and firmness in facial features, these become square giving almost room for a link with pitbulls, however, it is not entirely true. Being the Canary Islands its cradle, this breed has something of a pitbull in its DNA due to English influences, of course, this small portion is not much to classify it as such.

His past is from a dog used for combat in the güera. His body on the other hand shows strength and muscles but this does not inflict on the pot and presence that he has. His jaw is powerful, as are his snout and nose. Currently they are recognized as dogs with great discipline and a big heart, they are special to the company.

They are confused with the Pitbull family because of their great resemblance to the American Bulldogs, but there is nothing that links them directly. They used to hunt mountain lions and boars. These dogs were found in Argentina, specifically Córdoba. It presents a stylized and straight presence, its face becomes almost equal to that of a pit bull due to its cut and shape.

As with the previous breeds, at first the Dogo Argentino was used for fights, but nevertheless today the criticism of its behavior and its past were dissolving and it became a great dog for those people with a lifestyle. active or family. Myths like ‘their jaw is a weapon that locks when they bite’ and things like these are simply absurd, this group of dogs is incapable of having that anatomical mechanism, it is simply like another dog.

Aggressiveness Aggressiveness is the first label that is put on this family of dogs. A sport implemented for this breed that makes use of its strength for something better than the stimulation of its aggressiveness is Weight Pulling, which is based on dragging weight without losing the competitive spirit that this breed carries in its blood.

With this we can determine that Pitbulls are affectionate, protective and not at all aggressive dogs.

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