Plants For Offices Positive Energy

The Best Plants For Your Home According To Feng Shui

10 PLANTS THAT ATTRACT POSITIVE ENERGY IN THE HOME AND OFFICE 1. BONSAI: It is recommended in cases of sick people at home. · two. LAVENDER.

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one. The clean basil. "Sacred plant in India, has been used since ancient times to clean both people and homes.

Create a quiet space, free of tension and without bad vibes!! · It might interest you · Indoor plants for the office to combat the.

1- Rosemary. 2- Lavender 3- Aloe vera 4- Jasmine 5- Orchid 6- Mint 7- Lucky bamboo 8- Cactus.

13 plants that attract positive energy to your life | Decor

Placing plants at home and in the office helps us not only to breathe cleaner air, but also to improve our mood and our.

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Feng Shui helps us choose which plants balance the energies of the home. Within the elements that can also influence, positively or negatively, in any space of our house are the plants. That is why we have made a list so that you can choose the one that best suits your space and that provides balance to the energies of your home: Lavender also has calming properties and its aroma is used to reduce anxiety.

Lavender It is a symbol of purity, it is also a good solution to combat the effects of stress and promotes relaxation. According to Feng Shui, it attracts good fortune and peace within the home. It attracts and improves positive energy flows and purifies the environment. It is one of the plants recommended by NASA to clean the air in homes. Feng Shui recommends that it always grow from top to bottom or horizontally, that it does not hang as this lowers the level of positive energy in the house, it is also recommended to put it in dark corners to absorb bad vibes.

It is on the list of environment purifying plants suggested by NASA. Peonies are plants with very good energy and bring elegance to the space. Getty Images Peony Its flower symbolizes good health and luck in love. It is advisable to place them in the living room or entrance so that they radiate their energy to the rest of the house.

Attracts balance in the couple and in family relationships, and favors fertility. Fern They are related to economic luck and as a cure for melancholy. Ideal for bedrooms, and places where you spend most of the day because they help keep your mind clean and calm. A commitment to rigor, quality and creativity with a special interest in new talent, sustainability and diversity, and all this without giving up a sense of humor.