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Nails Decorated With Polka Dots: More Than 35 SIMPLE AND COLORFUL Designs

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Match with different colors and different nail shapes. Also, moles can be large, small or medium", explains to us the.

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Nails decorated with polka dots are a hoot and one of the most sought after nail art trends. Get inspired by these 5 ideas and round off your manicures!!

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How to draw polka dots on your nails. One of the simplest trends in nail art is drawing polka dots on the nails.

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For now, we leave you a step-by-step video of Nails By Jema as a sample where we see 4 elements and 4 ways to draw polka dots on nails: Easy Polka Dot Nails For Beginners And What Tool Works Best As you have seen, several tools can be used to draw polka dots on the nails. In this other tutorial, the trick to draw the moles in a uniform way is distant, since in this case they are first aligned horizontally and then that inverted “T” shape is left between line and line, that is, the heights are alternated.

They are simple figures and very effective for any nail decoration, as we have seen in the tutorials and as we are going to see now in the following decorations. It is a very fun design and has a certain pin-up air, since this print is usually seen in dresses of that style.

It is an eye-catching nail art and looks good with a black or white pin-up dress. You can also combine pink with black and it also looks good. Here’s a black french manicure with light pink nail polish and medium black polka dots. These have been left with a very amphibious tune, as for an Aquawoman. Here we have several nail decorations with green polka dots on a green background in another tone, or a green background with white polka dots.

The background of different colors with white polka dots is also very festive, we even recommend it as decorated nails for girls. Here are four different ideas to fill your nails with colored polka dots. This nail design is very reminiscent of the prints of the 60s and 70s due to its colors, in which it mixes yellow, orange, black and light blue with polka dots of different sizes.

As you can see in this collage of photos, the polka dots and the flowers can be combined in the same nail and it is beautiful, or choose that some nails have polka dots and other flowers. They are usually roses, but daisies are also a good option. We await your comments that you can leave below this article. We wait for you.