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Palencia. First postcards with Palencia images. Postcard that reflects the Puerta de los Apóstoles of the cathedral of Valencia, mistakenly attributed to.

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These images, created at the beginning of the 20th century, today enrich the heritage of the museum. The black and white photographs on the postcards are composed.

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In images: The most iconic postcards in the world, empty due to the coronavirus The Puerta del Sol in Madrid, as never seen before The.

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Moving image of stars. I love you love I was alone, and without looking for you, I found you. our paths joined. I send you a kiss to the soul It is you I choose Until we are old together my love. True love I send you a picture just to tell you how much I love you I met you and my life changed forever.

I fell in love I would like to make a wish: that we are forever together! Kiss me if you’re going to shut me up. You changed my life because I love you. A future together is what I wish with my love. I fell madly in love with you and I can’t stop thinking about you because I’m jealous of you.

Image with a cute puppy: I can’t stop thinking about you. You stole my heart. I’m dying to kiss you. how nice it is to love you. At this moment I would like a kiss from you, you and me. Just you and me My place in the world is close to you. To love is to create a place that no one can occupy.

Postcard for my girlfriend because everything is different when we are together. I love you a lot.